The Kruiser Kabana Episode 121: The Concern Trolling Over Liz Cheney Is Both Pathetic and Hilarious

Political News

Hoo-boy, the ongoing tussle in House Republican leadership regarding the woman from the state with only one congressional district is sending the mainstream media hacks down a number of concern troll rabbit holes. I wrote about one of them in my latest. column.

This episode is mostly me ranting about why it’s all so absurd. The caffeine was really kicking in and I was enjoying myself quite a bit. I am a huge Stephen Kruiser fan, as I’m sure you’re all aware.


It is always entertaining to me when Democrats pretend they want anything for Republicans other than our complete destruction. Whatever they say is bad for us is good for us and vice-versa. Right now, they are insisting that Liz Cheney is good for us.

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No, really.

Anyway, read the column then have fun with this then we’ll all meet later in the jacuzzi.


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