Twitter Stock Drops – Trump: “I Guess That’s What Happens When You Go Against FREEDOM OF SPEECH!”

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Twitter’s shares dropped dramatically after the release of their 1st quarter results.

Twitter’s user numbers were below expectations.

And Twitter’s projections for the 2nd quarter are now lower.

President Trump said, “I guess that’s what happens when you go against FREEDOM OF SPEECH!”

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Here’s his statement:


Epoch Times has the numbers:

Twitter’s stock dropped about 13 percent on Friday to $56.74 per share after the firm issued weak second-quarter guidance on revenue growth while its user numbers fell short of expectations.

Big Tech sold their souls to the Democrats.

Now, they’re dying!

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  1. You may want to say you like Biden and his Personna on our political future of the Republican Party and our NATION. THANK YOU TO MY PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. He at least would tell us what was going on. Biden & Kamala don’t know how to tell the real truth. I want TRUMP back in office. I wished I could’ve had a chance to work for or with Donald Trump. A dream that I will probably take to my grave. He is the Great Leader of modern time. Oh! How I could have learned so much more on how to make sure my family or my wife would not have to go back to work upon my death.
    This I will never know. What I do know is my President Donald Trump is being held HOSTAGE to all Americans true Freedom and prosperity for us all. Love ya President Donald Trump.

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