Pence Criticizes Biden’s ‘Open Borders, Runaway Spending’ in His First Speech Since Leaving Office


Then-Vice President Mike Pence speaks at a rally in Kinston, N.C., October 25, 2020. (Jonathan Drake/Reuters)

Former Vice President Mike Pence served up a harsh rebuke of the Biden administration’s first 100 days and called on Americans to unite behind a positive agenda to “win back America” on Thursday in his first speech since leaving office.

“After 100 days of open borders, runaway spending, plans for higher taxes, a bigger welfare state, more government, defunding the police, abandoning the right to life, canceling our most cherished liberties, I’ve had enough,” Pence said as the keynote speaker at a Palmetto Family Council event.

“After 100 days, I think the time has come for Americans devoted to faith and family and freedom and limited government to stand up and unite behind a positive agenda and win back America, and it starts right here and right now in South Carolina,” Pence added.

He attacked the Democratic administration over the roughly $6 trillion in spending that the Biden administration has proposed and expressed concern over the proposed tax increases.

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He accused the administration of joining “the woke chorus” with its allegations that law-enforcement agencies suffer from systemic racism.

“In 2020, the American people did not vote for that agenda. They did not vote for the agenda of the radical Left,” Pence said. “It’s time to unite behind a positive agenda built on our highest ideals and win back America. And we have the winning agenda, men and women, I have no doubt about it.”

Since leaving office, Pence has largely remained out of the public eye. He recently launched an advocacy group, Advancing American Freedom, that he says will work to defend conservative values. He has also joined the Heritage Foundation as a distinguished visiting fellow and was named a scholar at Young America’s Foundation.

Pence is likely eyeing a 2024 presidential bid, though it is currently unclear which Republicans will ultimately join the race — some potential candidates may wait to see if former President Donald Trump will run.

Trump and Pence appeared to have suffered a falling-out earlier this year after the former vice president, on January 6, declined to support Trump’s effort to have ballots from contested states sent “back to the States to recertify” them, in hopes of a victory.

Pence largely avoided the topic of the Capitol siege during his speech on Thursday, only quickly mentioning a “tragedy at our nation’s Capitol” when recounting the events of the past year.

Meanwhile, Trump told Fox News on Thursday that he would “certainly” consider Florida governor Ron DeSantis as a running mate if he chose to enter the 2024 presidential race.

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