Far Left Terrorists Light Portland Police Union Building On Fire

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Riot season is already in full bloom in the City Of Roses, as the warm weather has brought out more and more *PEACEFUL* arsonists and vandals. The *PEACEFUL* far left rioters have once again targeted the Portland police union headquarters, setting it on fire. *PEACEFULLY*.

Police showed up and started directing people away from the blaze:

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A concerned neighbor then tries to put out the fire with a garden hose. Poor guy, the *PEACEFUL* protesters may very well *PEACEFULLY* set his house on fire next.

The fire department eventually showed up. Maybe the *PEACEFUL* protesters will take their rage out on the fire department next, claiming the firefighters are “AIDING WHITE SUPREMACY” or some screeching.

This particular individual, one of the antifa sympathizers posing as “press,” cheers on the destruction:

The building was targeted multiple times through the months of non-stop riots last summer, and it looks like this spring and summer will bring us more of the same.

This comes one night after the terrorists attacked an east side Portland precinct and vandalized a church while another squad broke off and smashed up a bunch of parked police vehicles on the other side of town. Just three days ago the terrorists trapped people inside the federal ICE building and set it on fire.

*PEACEFULLY*, of course.

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