If Blanket COVID-19 Vaccinations Are Required, Surgeon Warns of Harm to An Unidentified Medical Minority

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Hooman Noorchashm MD, Ph.D., appeared on Tucker Carlson Today to discuss the COVID-19 vaccination. Noorchashm has an impressive resume as a surgeon and medical professor whose life took a tragic turn when his wife passed away from uterine cancer. The circumstances of her illness and death made him aware of how the medical bureaucracy will ignore the genuine potential of a minority of patients who may be harmed by a treatment when the majority benefit from it.

Together, he and his wife, who was also a physician, recognized a massive public health issue for women. Many women suffer from fibroid tumors. Most often benign, fibroid tumors can cause pain and discomfort as well as other issues. To remove the fibroids, gynecologists used a procedure to grind the tumor up and let the body clear them. In a small minority of women, one out of 350, the tumors were early-stage cancer after an extensive investigation. Those women went from stage one to stage four uterine cancer very quickly.

Dr. Noorchashm’s wife, Dr. Amy Reed, was one of a minority of patients to die from this phenomenon. A subsequent investigation by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found the FDA had been missing the safety signal on the procedure, given to millions of women, for nearly 20 years. Before her death, Reed became a crusader to end the practice, called morcellation, acting as an outspoken advocate for the small minority of women for whom the procedure was deadly. Reed passed away in 2017, leaving behind her husband, six children, and numerous victories protecting vulnerable women like herself.

Following her death, Noorchashm left his career as a surgeon and medical professor to become a public health advocate. Now he is sounding the alarm about the potential for a harmed minority with the COVID-19 vaccine and is particularly worried about recovered patients. He is pro-vaccine and calls the mRNA vaccines that have been developed quickly, a medical miracle equivalent to landing on Mars. An example of American exceptionalism that will help save millions across the world.

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However, he is also clear that the COVID-19 vaccination, which both he and his elderly parents have taken, has been tested for efficacy, not safety. And given his personal experience and other examples of harmed minorities he has uncovered, he is trying to push a hashtag called #ScreenB4Vaccine. Noorchashm’s recommendation is that if a patient displays an adequate level of antibodies, they do not receive the vaccination at this time. This idea is essential before we vaccinate children. He cites several deaths that closely followed vaccination that have not received an adequate investigation or explanation.

With a careful explanation of the immune response to viruses, he says allowing people with natural immunity to bypass the vaccine at this point is advisable. If recovered patients get the vaccine, antibodies and immune system cells will flood the body sites where the COVID-19 infection resided. These sites could be the heart, lungs, brain, and other vital organs. While a younger patient may tolerate this, the response could harm the elderly or those with preexisting conditions. He notes there is no other vaccine we recommend people get if they have recovered from an illness. If you were an adult when the chickenpox vaccine was approved and had already had the infection, you did not receive the vaccine.

Noorchashm is not just going on television to push this idea. He has been lobbying the FDA and the CDC to modify the one-size-fits-all approach to vaccinations. His concerns were heightened with the discussion of vaccine passports, believing this coercive approach could have terrible consequences for some minority of patients. I have a particular concern for my own loved one in this case. When they were well on their way to recovery from COVID-19 with 24 hours free from a fever, they had an inflammatory response that included shortness of breath and swelling in their extremities.

It may have been a version of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C), as they are at the top of the age range. Their symptoms required two emergency room visits, one steroid injection, one dose of intravenous steroids, and ten days of oral steroids. The severe form of COVID-19 in adults has been likened to an autoimmune disease where the immune system overreacts, destroying the body’s tissue. After listening to Dr. Noorchashm, the idea of this family getting vaccinated is terrifying if it is possible the immune system could overreact again. Two doctors I know personally at this point say they should not be vaccinated.

Yet, with the government pushing private industry to use vaccine passports with no nod to immunity, not getting it could significantly limit this young person’s life. This dilemma is a catch-22 no American deserves. The idea is also anti-science. According to the website that encourages people to donate plasma for convalescent antibody therapy:

Can I donate plasma if I have received a COVID-19 vaccine but never had COVID-19 infection?

While your donation cannot be used to treat someone currently fighting COVID-19, everyone is encouraged to donate their plasma or blood to treat other medical conditions.

If only those who have recovered from a confirmed COVID-19 infection can donate their antibodies via a plasma donation to fight COVID-19, why is this immunity being ignored by the health bureaucracy? Why did Dr. Anthony Fauci encourage singer Gloria Estefan to get vaccinated as a recovered COVID-19 patient when her doctor discouraged it? That is a question that someone needs to ask.

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