Trump Was Right: Gas Is at $2.75 a Gallon and Projected to Go Nowhere But Up

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The secret sauce to the economy’s success and a sea change in foreign policy during the Trump administration was becoming an energy-independent nation. President Trump said during the campaign that Joe Biden’s Green New Deal policies would reduce domestic energy production and raise prices. Early indications are that he was correct.

The combination of low energy prices and interest rates pre-pandemic paired with America’s traditional higher productivity rates were attractive for businesses and encouraged expansion. Yet with an economy struggling to recover from a pandemic and extended economic shutdowns, President Joe Biden began to roll back policies aimed at energy independence on day one of this administration.

In an interview on Mornings with Maria Thursday, former president of Shell Oil John Hofmeister believes energy prices may continue to rise from the national average of $2.75 per gallon. This a $0.33 per gallon increase as compared to the same month last year. Part of the reason is a period of shutdown for the refineries. Still, President Biden’s green energy rhetoric and early executive orders regarding exploration and fracking leases have spooked the industry. According to Hofmeister:

“But there’s something else that’s going on that’s more subtle. What that is, is that the industry, the producers, are practicing serious capital discipline and they’re not roaring back to produce more oil. And also, they’re getting squeezed by the administration,”

“So,the ban on leasing — the prohibition on new leases from the Biden administration — that’s going to create a psychology in the industry of, ‘There’s going to be less available,’ and the psychology drives the pricing as well.”

“As long as we see this hostile administration, we’re going to have a problem with prices,” he added.

In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott said these policies “are a job killer in Texas.” Members of the House also wrote a letter to the president urging him to reverse the bans. It outlines how the executive order has created dangerous conditions that increase environmental hazards and gas flaring due to the suspension of permits for waste removal pipelines. Abbott said:

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“Regulatory overreach in the energy sector can damage the stability of the Texas economy and the livelihoods of countless Texans. The issue is this. it is not just the federal government that is threatening the energy sector. Local governments around the country and maybe even some here in Texas are acting to derail the oil and gas industry and raise energy costs for families.”

“People need to understand that regulations cost money. The more regulations there are, the higher your energy cost is going to be.”

Higher energy prices hurt working and middle-class families the most. Not only does fueling up cost more, but higher prices also translate into food and other consumer goods becoming more expensive due to higher transportation costs. Home energy also becomes more costly. It also forces us to rely on countries in the Middle East and Russia to meet demand. A dependable green energy grid is a long way off, not because there is a lack of will. As we learned last summer in California and a few weeks ago in Texas, the technology is not ready for primetime.

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Because of suspended permits or lack of takeaway capacity, companies must burn off excess natural gas via flaring, harming the very environment these policies are supposed to protect. Add in a projection by the American Petroleum Institute of one million job losses and a $700 billion decrease in GDP by 2022, and the impact of the order creates a bleak picture.

The “green jobs” that Climate Envoy John Kerry and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg have been promising are unlikely to materialize in a year if they materialize at all. In Texas specifically, they already have more unreliable wind farms than the state needs. Solar panels require rare earth metals, and the Chinese Communist Party produces and refines the vast majority of them and has already signaled they might reduce exports.

The transition to low-cost, reliable natural gas has helped the United States reduce carbon emissions more than any other innovations in the last decade. While it is likely that someday, Americans will view the catalytic converter the same way we view a horse and buggy, the technology is not ready to support a high-density economy today. It won’t be for many years to come, and the push to transition now will hurt the Americans Democrats purport to want to help. President Trump was right.

WATCH the full segment on Mornings with Maria:

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  1. I recently made a trip out to the state of Commiefornication where the inmates (Demoshits) run the asylum and gasoline prices there are over $3.25 a gallon!!

    The last TRUE election was held in 2016. And since Demoshits never got over it and cannot win a FAIR election there was no “election” in 2020. What was conducted was a Deep State SELECTION!!! All the signs were present for the Deep State’s setting up a “Fifth Reich” I say this because even though I was young I remember the events that occurred in Nazi Germany no elections just the Gestapo herding and executing people if they didn’t comply with the Wehrmacht!! What I am witnessing now is nearly a carbon copy of what I experienced in Nazi Germany meaning we are fast becoming Nazi America!!This is NO LONGER the America I remember immigrating to. Now Consider the SEWER-RAT party conducting five year siege on the oval office endless investigations culminating in a SHAMPEACHMENT followed by a FABRICATED Pandemic to allow for FRAUDULENT voting via mail in ballots which cannot be authenticated! Then another SHAMPEACHMENT (and if convicted prohibiting Trump from future running for public office. This entire process REEKS with Deep State and foreign involvement!! There will NEVER be another election in the CSA (Communist States of America) the Globalist Elite have gotten away with rigging elections by the Globalist Elite who have been successful at rigging elections via BUYING/INTIMIDATING/COERCING & BLACKMAILING politicians and Judges. America is NO LONGER “the land of the free and home of the brave”! America is now the Land OWNED by the Deep State Elite and home of SHEEP who have CAPITULATED!!!

    TRAITOR Joe Bidet is about to show us how great a president Donald Trump was!!!

    1. Our country is turning in to a communist country say something they don’t want to hear and you’re banned,censored or a racist. Do you want to take away your Second Amendment you’re right to bear arms another way to weaken the American people. Change election laws so they could never lose an election And speaking of elections nobody and I mean nobody can tell me that 2020 was a legal election a President who got 10 MILLION more votes than 2016,and at every rally he draws a minimum of 10,000 people and then loses to a baffoon who campaigns out of his basement and doesn’t answer any questions. Now look at Russia Putin changed the election rules so he can keep running and he doesn’t lose and if you say something you got taken away and never heard from again. A carbon blueprint of a communist nation. One thing You can be clear about is that the domestic terrorists are sitting in the White House. The old dried up Prune Piglosi,Chuckie The Clown Schumer,Knee Pads Harris and Basement Biden

  2. Just because of JOE CHINA ( Pea Brain ) and the rest of the Democratic Socialist Party
    for the Price of Gasoline in UTAH this Weekend was $ 2.70 for Lo-Grade , $ 2.82 Mid-Grade and $ 2.95 for Hi-Grade and by Spring Break the Gas Companies said it Could be
    at $ 3.25 for Hi-Grade and the Hi-Grade could be at $ 4.05 per Gallon.

  3. I like to compare prices when I travel and last time I was in Europe it was close to $8 a gallon. It looks close after you do the currency exchange until to realize they charge by the litre rather than the gallon.

    That’s where long term green solutions and socialist policies lead to.

  4. Well, that sure isn’t Mexifornia. Diesel is already at $3.60 a gallon and in a month the state goes on it’s special single state fuel blend and the cost will hit $5 easy. Hopefully in a few months Newsolini will have been recalled and maybe some of the government terrorism will diminish.

  5. Anyone with half a brain who tuned into any of President Trump’s rallies were told of this. Apparently the Democrats turned a deaf ear to the warnings and many voted for Biden, following party lines. The dire hard Demos would vote their mother out of office if she was anything other than Democrat. Do these people not think for themselves or do they just follow the bouncing ball? We retired folks on a fixed income have a hard enough time with grocery prices rising, now gas. WTH is next?

  6. I filed up Wednesday, $2.55 / gallon at Sam’s, up $.56 in a month. Look for $3.00 in April and $4.00 this summer. This will certainly spur our sputtering economy. Do the people remember surcharges on anything shipped by truck? Surely buttboy has an answer for the trucking industry.

  7. President Potato shuts down the Keystone Pipeline which generated zero carbon emissions for transporting oil, now oil needs go by rail or semi trucks. Absolutely brilliant.

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