Biden Administration Bans Reporters From Touring Child Detention Buildings Due To ‘COVID-19’

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The Biden administration will ban reporters from touring juvenile detention facilities now accommodating unaccompanied minors who came across the United States-Mexico border seeking asylum.

“Reporters will not be allowed inside the Carrizo Springs facility for unaccompanied minors that was recently opened under the Biden administration in Texas, a Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families (ACF) spokesperson” said in response to the Daily Caller’s request to tour the facility.

“The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is not hosting media tours of unaccompanied children (UC) facilities currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the spokesperson told the media outlet.

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“If media tours resume, we will send a media advisory,” the spokesperson added.

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Under President Trump, these facilities were often portrayed as “cages” that imprisoned children. Very often, however, pictures used by the mainstream media often dated to the Obama administration.

During a Monday briefing, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandra Mayorkas said he would “look into” the ABC News reporter’s claims and that the Biden administration was “open” to having media report on the facilities.

“I’m happy to take a look at that, I owe it to my people to understand the situation and the reasons why access was denied,” Mayorkas said. “Let me share with you what I communicate to the workforce and we’ll leave it at that because it’s in the service of openness and transparency. Don’t shrink from criticism, just work very hard not to deserve it.”

After Joe Biden loosened restrictions on the United States-Mexico border, a flood of asylum seekers responded by coming in droves, hoping to take advantage of the Democrat Party’s more lenient immigration policies.

The Washington Post reported that the former Trump “cage” facilities are being “reactivated” to hold up to 700 children ages 13 to 17.”

According to Axios, the number will continue to skyrocket.

Homeland Security Mayorkas maintained that the current migrant situation is not a crisis even though the administration may not have enough beds. He likened the situation to a “challenge” instead.

“We are challenged at the border,” Mayorkas said in the briefing Monday. “It is a stressful challenge.”

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  1. If Reporters cannot go into the facility because of COVID-19 concerns, WHY are ILLEGALS being released into Texas that have tested positive to COVID-19? Could someone please explain this logic to me?

  2. What will the Democrats do after Covid is not longer an issue? Obama ordered the cages and now Biden has reactivated them big time. What excuse for their insane programs will they use? How long can they continue to be the mouth piece for Joe Biden? When will “they” allow him to have a real press conference with real reporters and real unfiltered questions and all by himself? I will not hold my breath.

    1. Do you seriously think that a petition of signatures is going to remove these fools? Not in this lifetime. I think we’re going to have to be a little more pro-active.

  3. I wonder if these are the same “reporters” who so vociferously cheer led for the Harris/Biden administration the last four years? This may very well be a harbinger; every time there’s some new “medical emergency,” politicians will take it as an excuse to negate the Constitution, just as they’ve done during COVID. Now that it’s established, maybe the “era of COVID” will never end. (Orwell must be constantly muttering “I warned you! I warned you! I warned you!)

  4. Is the term “border challenge” (not ” border crisis”) anything like the phrase “fiery, but mostly peaceful protests” we saw last summer?

  5. They are not worried about the reporters giving or receiving Covid-19. What they are worried about is honest reporting for a change and photos of all those kids without parents being held in those cages that they created and are using again. Like has been said, they are releasing illegals who are COVID-19 positive loose into New Jersey and Maryland and probably other States as well. They need to go back to President Trumps policy of wait your turn and if you enter before then, you get shipped back, period!

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