Ten Things That Caught My Eye Today: The Pope & Iraq, Opening Schools & More

Political News

1. Catholic News Agency: Elderly religious overlooked in Belgium’s early COVID-19 vaccination programs

2. New York Times: As School Closures Near First Anniversary, A Diverse Parent Movement Demands Action

Mr. Gessner, who is Korean American and whose children attend a district that is overwhelmingly middle-class and affluent, is in some ways typical of the activism behind reopening campaigns in places like Los Angeles or Chicago, which have often been led by college-educated parents, disproportionately white.

Surveys suggest that working-class parents of color whose communities have been harder hit by the coronavirus are less eager for in-person learning. But the rising frustration of parents like Ms. Tyler, who is Black and whose children attend predominantly Black schools, underscores that parent anger about closed schools is anything but monolithic.

Children in North Philadelphia “need a safe haven more than anybody else,” Ms. Tyler said. “They are not being thought about.”

3. Eric Kaufmann: Academic Freedom Is Withering

Roughly 1 in 3 conservative academics and graduate students has been disciplined or threatened with disciplinary action. A progressive monoculture empowers radical activist staff and students to violate the freedom of political minorities like conservatives or “gender-critical” feminists, who believe in the biological basis of womanhood—all in the name of emotional safety or social justice.

4. Chad Felix Greene: How Ryan Anderson’s Banned Book, ‘When Harry Became Sally,’ Helped Me With Gender Dysphoria

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I soon realized Ryan’s work offered me so much more than just a sense of personal validation in my journey. He also offered me answers. The book goes in-depth into the science behind biological sex and what we understand about the human body and how it functions.

. . .

Anderson’s “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment,” is not an anti-LGBT or anti-transgender work. Ryan is not anti-LGBT, and he was never dismissive or cruel to transgender people. His work is certainly a far cry from anything resembling “hate speech.”

5. Washington Post: Biden wants to rebuild the U.S. refugee program. Trump’s damage makes it a daunting task.

Mr. Biden has his work cut out. Officials say he would like to increase refugee admissions in the current fiscal year, even before his new, higher target for admissions takes effect next fall. In fact, the obstacles posed by the pandemic may impede that goal.

6. Crux: Young Iraqi on front lines of COVID fight readies to welcome Pope

For Al Alqoshy, the pope’s trip is “very, very important” not only because it will be the first time a pope visits the country and because of Iraq’s biblical significance, but it will give “hope to the people, saying that the pope has not forgotten us, giving people that push to stay and touch their land. And then maybe the people who immigrated can have the faith to come back to their country.”

What Pope Francis says during his visit, in Al Alqoshy’s view, is secondary, because for him, just the fact that he is coming says everything there is to say.

7. John Stonestreet: A Promise to America’s Children

At the root of this all-out assault on our children is the dangerously bad idea that adult desires matter more than the well-being of children. Each chapter of the sexual revolution, but especially the most recent ones, have placed “us before them,” repeating the same myth in various forms: “the kids will be fine.”

But they won’t be. As author and children’s rights activist Katy Faust insists, “Our culture and our laws must incentivize and encourage adults to conform their behavior to the needs of their children.” We need, she says, “a new global children’s rights movement.”

8. How this Mom Rejected Pressure by Doctors to Abort and Chose Life

9. The Daily Signal: Viral Video Shows Little Girl Bursting Into Tears of Joy When Her Mom Reveals School Is Open

Clara Zanotto’s mother Tarine Zanotto told The Daily Caller News Foundation in a phone interview Thursday evening that her 9-year-old daughter will have been out of school for 358 days when she returns to the classroom next week. Clara is in fourth grade and has been doing online schooling since March 2020, her mother said.

. . .

“She had that emotional burst of tears, holding back a lot of emotions and everything,” Zanotto told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “She’s doing great with online schooling as far as it’s possible, of course, she’s much happier that she’s going back to school.”


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