Joe Biden Evades Questions on Border Crisis, Shuffles Away with Babysitter Kamala in Tow (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden evaded questions about the border crisis on Tuesday and shuffled away as reporters shouted questions.

Biden delivered remarks on the Coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday as his babysitter Kamala lurked in the background.

“Did you receive a briefing about the border today?” a reporter asked Biden after he finished his presser.

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“Uhhhh. Yes I did.” Biden replied.

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The reporter followed up: “What did you learn?”

“A lot,” Biden said as he shuffled away.

Biden ignored reporters shouting questions about the border crisis.



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      1. Seeing the 2 of them together during a “briefing” reminds me of the bin Laudin “briefings” with bin Laudin in the forefront and his henchmen (black masks and all) standing behind him promising everyone who defies him will meet their end, all the Neanderthals!

    1. The last TRUE election was held in 2016. And since Demoshits never got over it and cannot win a FAIR election there was no “election” in 2020. What was conducted was a Deep State SELECTION!!! All the signs were present for the Deep State’s setting up a “Fifth Reich” I say this because even though I was young I remember the events that occurred in Nazi Germany no elections just the Gestapo herding and executing people if they didn’t comply with the Wehrmacht!! What I am witnessing now is nearly a carbon copy of what I experienced in Nazi Germany meaning we are fast becoming Nazi America!!This is NO LONGER the America I remember immigrating to. Now Consider the SEWER-RAT party conducting five year siege on the oval office endless investigations culminating in a SHAMPEACHMENT followed by a FABRICATED Pandemic to allow for FRAUDULENT voting via mail in ballots which cannot be authenticated! Then another SHAMPEACHMENT (and if convicted prohibiting Trump from future running for public office. This entire process REEKS with Deep State and foreign involvement!! There will NEVER be another election in the CSA (Communist States of America) the Globalist Elite have gotten away with rigging elections by the Globalist Elite who have been successful at rigging elections via BUYING/INTIMIDATING/COERCING & BLACKMAILING politicians and Judges. America is NO LONGER “the land of the free and home of the brave”! America is now the Land OWNED by the Deep State Elite and home of SHEEP who have CAPITULATED!!!

      1. incredibly well said. I have noticed the same similarities myself. America is just a bunch of sheeple walking blindly off the cliff to their own destruction. Can’t say they don’t deserve it.

      2. We are not sure if the 2016 was rigged but the outpouring of votes for Trump was beyond the Dominion/SMARTMATIC early and even later programming. In 2020 they applied lessons learned and pumped in dough beyond belief, like the Zuck’s $350 million.

    1. EXACTLY what LIEberal Demoshits do. Create problems then BLAME and want others to clean up after them!!!

  1. The real ‘President’, Kamala, didn’t was the fake ‘President’ to say anything about what the MSM called President Trump ‘cages’ are the same things the MSM calls ‘President’ Biden’s Immigration facilities’.

    1. I have an excellent meme that depicts the capitol building in a circle above the circle is written text Grand Opening Washington D.C 01/20/21 under the capitol building is written “TRAITOR JOE’S” in the style of the grocery chain. Below that “where everything is on sale”

    1. Wonder no more as CHINA owns us!! Xi Jinping wants the World Bank and IMF to replace the U.S. Doller and adopt the Yuan as the world’s currency. This will install China as the premiere power and able to do what it wants. As a one time business owner I want to thank the American people for buying cheap Chinese PILFERED technology and support the Chinese economy as opposed to supporting the American economy!!!

  2. Would love to be a fly on the wall listening to these IDIOTS in there conferance room. Biden prolly sets there an Kamilla Has to coach every word for him.(Its almost a shame the Left is putting this Elder through this) But givin Bidens History PISS On Him. I really dont watch any of there speaches. Cant make any sense out of them anyway. When I do there STEWPID or Scary at the same time. From what I see an hear there is noot alot of respect for this REGIME anyway.

    1. What the hell is ”prolly”?? The PROPER vernacular is PROBABLY!!! So stop being LAZY or demonstrating how little you know!!!

  3. Six months, that’s all I give for Biden. The Democrat Socialists have already started his demise with msm coming out saying Biden may not have a State of the Union address. And then, Harris, who isn’t smart enough to lead herself out of a paper bag (much less lead a nation), but is evil enough to destroy my Country. God help us all.

    1. Well if you recall BEFORE the Nov. election Nancy PIGLOUSY let the cat out of the bag when she announced the Demoshits planned to evoke the 25th amendment (but not for Trump) signaling the FIX was in!!! I would wager 99% of Americans missed it!!!

    2. They are not socialists. They are the democrat/communist party and there are no moderates in it. They are all guilty of and committing treason, sedition, dereliction of duty, large scale fraud, high crimes and misdemeanors in the election of 2021 and probably a good number of other elections.

  4. To look at him and see his lack of knowledge and what’s going on with the country, and the fact that they won’t let him answer anything because he can’t, is downright scary! And THIS is the leader of our country?? God help us and I mean that. Please God.

  5. When will the arrests begin on all of the powerful congressmen and senators that are guilty of treason, high crimes and misdemeanors are prosecuted and sentenced to die for their treasonous actions??? They should be shown no mercy since they are doing everything they can to destroy our nation. Their allies in the fake news and big tech should face similar charges and be sentenced in like manner.

  6. This has become so F…ing sad it’s unbelievable. To think that the greatest President we’ve had in 50 years was supplanted by Joe Biden a man who doesn’t seem to know where he is from minute to minute. This is absolute elder abuse by the dims.

  7. Get your weapons ready because they are pushing our country closer and closer to a civil war. When I went into the serviceI pledged to protect our country from all enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC. That remains today.I swore that oath in 1967 and I’m not dead yet.

  8. Biden family are thrives and they are selling out America, they just keep enriching themselves.Biden is letting in worthless uneducated people from south America so they can much off of the tax payers they wont pay taxes because they don’t want to help America just destroy it kill America from within just like Rome.

  9. Want to become a Millionaire, get elected to the Senate or the House go in worth $250,000.00 come out 4 to 6 years later worth $40 Million plus. Like almost every Representative in Congress. I’m surprised they haven’t issued a SILVER ALERT For Sleepy Joe his lights are on very, very dimly but i don’t think any one is Home!

  10. yes and they tied hero police that put there lives on hand every work day for minimal pay. now the criminals have more privileges than the officers that serve and protect citizens there now there to protect criminals it has been proven that George Floyds death was from fentanyl and opiates that’s used to put you to sleep for surgery . and he was caught trying to pass a forged bill but he was caught . it would not have happened if he had of had a real job not stealing from those that work ! to make a hero out of him is disgusting. more Police were killed by armed men and women of color . than white and black and other ethnicity than all blacks . that’s why there out on the streets trying to keep us safe from those worthless criminals . i was a police and i was in more hassles with blacks than any other people because they try and use the sickening race card . its bull shit . the prisons are not full of them because they werew hard workers and church going people they were crooked Period

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