Even in Tennessee, Educators Who Don’t Toe the Leftist Line Can Be Punished


As I have written many, many times, the leftist takeover of American education is almost total. It’s just as bad in schools in “red” states as in “blue” ones.

The latest piece of evidence arises in Shelby County, Tennessee. A high school principal, Barton Thorne, dared to communicate to his students that there is danger in allowing the media to become one-sided. For that, his superiors have placed him on administrative leave, just as if he were a child molester.

You can read the details in this College Fix story.

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Principal Thorne has filed suit in federal court against the school district, arguing that it has violated his rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments, as well as the contract between himself and the district. The story has the link to the complaint, which is being handled by the Liberty Justice Center, located in Chicago.

Thorne seeks compensatory and punitive damages. Let’s hope he wins, big. The only bad thing is that the defendants probably won’t have to pay individually for their efforts at silencing him. For such authoritarian actions to stop, zealous school officials will have to know that they’ll pay personally if they act like this.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

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  1. I hope he HAMMERS those individuals that had him dismissed. I hope they are put on leave an FIRED from the school and there teacher status revoked. I have better wordegde for this but. The first ammendment was put in place to protect OUR rights not the Governments. This is getting WAY oughta hand.

  2. “can be punished” – nope – ARE being punished. The article is correct, unless/until individuals who lower themselves to using such tactics are held personally responsible, things will not change. Anyone want to place a side bet that the folks in that school district are fully on board with eliminating ‘qualified immunity’ from the LE community but certainly not from their own selves.

  3. This sh– is just the beginning,every true patriotic American should weigh in on this,or it will be happening everywhere,this kind of ignorance spreads exponentially, it is very hard to root out this kind of stupidity once it gets entrenched.

  4. “…Educators Who Don’t Toe the Leftist Line Can Be Punished”

    Good for Mr. Thorne. It’s time that teachers and administrators stood up to unions and governments. Big unions and big government have no right trying to muzzle education and freedom of speech. The sooner they accept that there is another side to things, the better for them. If they don’t they may just find themselves on the pointing end of the stick.

  5. It’s ridiculous that the teachers, and education system, we entrust our children to has forgotten what America is all about. The damage being caused to our children will be enormous. They are being taught to destroy anyone who has a different ideal than theirs. I hope this case moves forward with national coverage. Win, or lose, (depends on the politics of the judges, it need to be brought out just how insidious the teaching has become. Instead of learning life skills, they are learning to despise anyone who disagrees. They should be learning the three ‘R’s’….reading ‘riting, & ‘rithmatic..

  6. The Federal Gov’t [who funds the nations public school system] has clearly been busy indoctrinating [brainwashing] school children into a certain way of thinking. I will go as far as calling it “grooming” which is what pedophiles do when they are trying to “mold” a unsuspecting individual to their way of thinking. This is done specifically to take advantage of people to get want they want. It happens so discretely and so insidiously, that we as parents do not even know it’s happening. Question: does any parent of a public school student really know what their kids are being taught??? Other than the standard curriculum…you don’t. Unless you sit in every class that they do, you never will. They are playing with young minds that only know what they are taught.

    If you send a kid to public school, this is what you’re gonna get.

  7. Remember Trump’s Education Secretary, Betsy Devos? …..Few do! She resigned 2 months ago.

    She wasted 4 years not fighting leftist and islamic indoctrination in K-12 schools and colleges receiving federal funds.

    She was worthless and complicit by, OMISSION OF ACTION.

    An omission is a failure to act, which generally attracts different legal consequences from positive conduct. In the criminal law, an omission will constitute an ‘actus reus’ and give rise to liability only when the law imposes a duty to act and the defendant is in breach of that duty.

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