Megyn Kelly Slams Andrew Cuomo: ‘A Corrupt, Lying, Cheating Criminal’ (AUDIO)

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Megyn Kelly is not a fan of Andrew Cuomo.

During a recent episode of her podcast, her guest was former FOX News host Eric Bolling. They talked about the nursing home scandal engulfing Cuomo.

Kelly did not hold back.

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Red State has details:

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Ever Heard Megyn Kelly and Eric Bolling Destroy Andrew Cuomo Over ‘Massive Cover-up’ of ‘Criminal Behavior’? Here Ya Go

During a discussion about NY State Assemblyman Ron Kim’s accusation that Cuomo threatened to destroy his career in retaliation for criticizing the governor’s handling of COVID in nursing homes — the Cuomo administration issued a directive in March 2020, requiring nursing homes to accept the readmission of patients from hospitals, even if they were COVID-positive — Kelly was beside herself.

Cuomo needs to removed from office, and it’s past time for the sycophantic media (see: CNN, Fredo, et al.) to stop ignoring the scandal, Kelly emphatically declared.

“This guy needs to be bounced out of office, It’s not a cancel culture thing. You have a corrupt, lying, cheating criminal at the top of the New York State Government. It is beyond time for the press to stop looking the other way.”…

“There appears to be a massive cover-up afoot. Let’s just look at the relative stakes here. We’re talking about the massive loss of life of our most vulnerable beloved ones.”

Listen to the clip below:

Megyn blasted Chris Cuomo on Twitter as well:

Megyn has become much more red-pilled in recent months, hasn’t she?

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