President Trump’s Approval Rating Soars After Pelosi’s Second Failed Impeachment (Video)

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President Trump’s approval rating is up to 59% following Nancy Pelosi’s second failed impeachment attempt on the 45th President.

Trump’s approval rating back on January 6th was 41% according to Morning Consult polling.

And now, despite the poll being oversampled with Democrats, Trump stands at 59% approval rating.

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  1. The longer CHINA joe and camel face or in office the higher the approval rating for President Trump will go. Maybe one day voters will learn to research and LISTEN to what the candidates say when they are running for office.

    1. Horizontal, heels in the air harris, is already taking over as president. This past week she has been calling world leaders, trying to take care of this country’s business, while dementia riddled, joey was playing Mario at Camp David!!! Not even in office one month!!! How pathetic!!!

    2. Yep, a lot of those in big labor who listened to their leaders urging a vote for Xiden and heels-up Harris are out of work or soon to be- Keystone XL pipeline: CANCELLED at a present cost of 1,000 jobs plus 10,000 more over the next yr, drilling on Federal lands: CANCELLED at a cost of thousands of jobs over the coming years, Border Wall: CANCELLED costing present workers their jobs with many additional millions losing their jobs when illegal aliens take the remaining jobs (paid in cash), higher minimum wages: planned, will cost of millions of jobs as small businesses cannot afford to pay the higher wages. China will be back on track to take American jobs as Biden admin cozies up to the Commie regime and will not fight against Chinese unfair trade and import practices.

  2. Voter fraud is real the election was stolen. If the voting system is not corrected and legitimate votes only the future of America is very grim it’s the end to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Drain the swamp

  3. Demorats all of them
    Drain the swamp like the President TRUMP said
    We all knew it for what it is , this was planted the day President TRUMP took office, people will units and overcome the racist oarty, California looks like mad max road warriors and it’s just the beginning with poverty.
    God Bless America and our constitutional rights!!!!!

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