Catch and Release Is Baaaaack!

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President Joe Biden speaks at the White House in Washington, D.C., January 22, 2021. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

The Biden Effect at the border is gaining steam faster than I’d expected. My colleague Todd Bensman (whose new book is just out) went to the South Texas border this week and reported that “Border Patrol and ICE are allowing hundreds of Haitians and other migrant nationalities who cross in the Del Rio region to avoid detention or quick return to Mexico; instead they are given Notices to Appear in immigration court at some point in the future and allowed to board Greyhound buses for other parts of the United States.”

As one official told him, “They’re filling bus after bus after bus.”

Local media report that “officials began re-initiating catch-and-release sometime around Jan. 28. So far, only family units — meaning adults with children — are being paroled into the country.”

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The legacy media has caught up with the story, with the Washington Post noting that “The Mexican government has stopped taking back Central American families ‘expelled’ at the U.S. border under a Trump-era emergency health order related to the coronavirus, a shift that has prompted U.S. Customs and Border Protection to release more parents and children into the U.S. interior.”

The Biden DHS says it prefers “alternatives to detention,” which means letting people go. Combine that with the fact that ICE’s new priorities prohibit agents from even looking for illegal aliens who haven’t been convicted of violent felonies, and none of them are ever going to be made to leave. Only about half of those released into the U.S. to apply for asylum actually bother applying, and most of the rest lose their cases, but just stay anyway.

Given that everyone has cell phones, word has already gotten back. The Post story cites a Central American official who said that “smuggling guides have intensified their marketing efforts in Guatemala’s destitute rural highlands in recent weeks, recruiting customers by telling them the Biden administration is taking a softer enforcement approach.”

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  1. o’biden, in his dementated, state colors on pieces of paper being put in front of him and just drools in his mask. We are told he is signing his name, but he doesn’t even know what color he is scribbling.
    dementia jo has been bought and paid for by the Chinese government to destroy this great country and the communist democRATS are patting him on the head as the fall guy for this disastrous agenda.
    They would say in England “God Save the Queen” , but here it is “God Save the US”.

  2. Isn’t Joe doing a great job to destroy America. They can send these illegals to Democrat States like Delaware. Doesn’t matter Joe is going to help a Republican win next election.

        1. Frank: Hello. Give it 6 months for obiden bite-me to last before the camel steps in with the 25th Amendment. . He gets early starts to blindly sign (with jill’s signature of his, placed on a stamp) those blank-page “eo’s” because beddy time is before sundown.
          Also: The first 16 days seem like 16 years.

    1. Bill: Hello. Good idea. If all the Red states secede, then the a-hol blue states will be surrounded by a new, different country. They will not be permitted “fly-over” rights to get over the Red states into various blue areas. They would not afford the high cost of any fly-overs. It would soon bankrupt them. If they try to drive or walk into the RUS, they will be captured and sent back, as they would be illegals to the RUS.
      The new Real United States (RUS) will be able to renew the Keystone XL Pipeline routed through only red states…between Canada through Montana down to Louisiana. The Real United States will be energy-independent.
      More to follow.

  3. This newly elected pair to the White House shouldn’t even be allowed
    to wash/wax the floors.Biggest pair of losers there ever were. Look at
    the trash their filling the cabinet with. I don’t have long to live due to
    cancer so i won’t have to put up with them much longer.
    “God save America”

  4. If you don’t enforce your borders you are merely a territory, not a country. If entry into the country is not a crime, you are not a country. If one need not prove citizenship to vote, but is entitled to be counted in the census and receive most benefits due a citizen such as healthcare, stimulus, etc. then being a “citizen” of this territory is worthless. If you are a taxpayer, it is worse than worthless. The United States in now nothing more than an ATM funded by taxpayers and the printing of money, diluting whatever value it’s currency has, so that it’s accumulated wealth may be distributed among the world’s people. We have become, whether we admit it or not, a socialist oligarchy.

    1. Indeed. Americans are proving, as some philosophers have stated, humans are incapable of successful self-government.

  5. I didn’t believe the Progressive destruction of America would happen until after I was dead (yeah, I qualify for “geezer”). Now, unless I die in the next couple years, I know better.

  6. Let’s route the busses to the states that voted (allegedly) for the dems. THAT way THEY can pay the Welfare and handle the crime.

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