Biden White House Sign Language Interpreter Slammed for ‘Far Right’ Ties

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The liberal cancel culture has apparently found a new target: the White House sign language interpreter. Yes, because she seems to have worked for conservative video makers means her position as a sign language interpreter, despite being fully qualified, is now intolerable.

Time magazine, which slobbered over Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, by recently featuring them as Persons Of The Year, is now outraged over the “right wing” sign language interpreter that they find so very disturbing due to her unacceptable personal opinions. Time writer Abigail Abrams warned “President Biden’s First White House Sign Language Interpreter Has Ties to the Far Right.”

…when Press Secretary Jen Psaki began her briefing on Monday by announcing that American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters would now be present at all White House news briefings, many deaf and hard of hearing Americans celebrated this historic first.

But it turns out the first ASL interpreter chosen was not such a change from the previous Administration after all. Heather Mewshaw, who Psaki introduced on Monday as “today’s interpreter, Heather,” also appears to manage a group of ASL interpreters who provide sign language accompaniments to right-wing videos.

Note that nowadays viewpoints that do not adhere to the Democrat or leftist narrative are now labeled as “right-wing” just as, increasingly, free speech is now being interpreted as “hate speech.”

Of course, the biggest reason to be canceled is to be among the 78 million Americans who voted for President Donald Trump:

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In a Jan. 20 video titled “Thank You President Trump From the Right Side ASL Team!,” Mewshaw signs along with a compilation video of Trump dancing to the song “YMCA.”

And even the others in her “Hands for Liberty” group make her guilty by association:

“Joe Biden is literally and legally not the President elect,” read the headline on one Facebook video from December in which another interpreter in Mewshaw’s group interprets comments made by right-wing personality Candace Owens.

So was there any evidence at all that Mewshaw misinterpreted anything that Jen Psaki said? Interestingly even Time had to concede that she acted completely professional at all times:

Mewshaw holds three certifications from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), a national membership organization for interpreters. There is no indication that Mewshaw has signed inaccurately at the White House or in past work, and no one TIME spoke with alleged that she had.

The horror over a sign language interpreter having contrarian views got even more ridiculous a couple of days later when the Washington Post jumped on this “scandal” and reported that “Biden’s sign language interpreter has translated far-right misinformation.”

More than 3,500 people have signed a petition to have Mewshaw banned from interpreting for the White House. Some indicated they intended to report her.

Who will they report her to? The Thought Police?

Heather Mewshaw’s time as a sign language interpreter for the “unity” White House is probably over. At least she gained a lot of experience signing “I’ll circle back to you.”

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  1. Wow! Is this is not one of the most chilling aspects of Cancel Culture? First members of the National Guard needed to be examined before they could do their jobs of protecting the President.
    Must every profession be examined in light of the a person’s political views? Is the plumber at the Capitol left or right? Should I let a doctor operate on me if they do not share my political views? The ten people who work where I got my drive-thru breakfast, what are they capitalists or socialists? I need to know before I eat?
    I can, have and will work people who hold different views than I do. What example is the “Unity” White House showing when they can not?

  2. Maybe the best thing to do is to CANCEL the cancel culture along with liberals, socialists, and ALL lying, thieving politicians

  3. There ya go – HYPOCRITES strike out again! Something needs to be done about these hypocrites. When I was growing up, my father always told me there are two things we do not discuss with others: (1) Religion; and (2) POLITICS!!! Apparently, NO ONE taught there hypocrites to live life in harmony!! They ALL need to go! I wonder if lawyers will be either making a lot money soon or taking cases for free in order to fight the law suits that need to be filed against these idiots! Can you imagine the name these lawyers can make if they take these cases and WIN them?!?!?! I’d work for them in a heartbeat!!!

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