Minneapolis city council members unveil new plan to eliminate police department — but keep police officers

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Three members of the Minneapolis City Council unveiled a plan last week to finally make good on their promises to fundamentally transform the Minneapolis Police Department.

What is the background?

Following the tragic death of George Floyd last May, the Minneapolis City Council promised to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department. City council members vowed a “start fresh with a community-oriented, non-violent public safety and outreach capacity” approach to law enforcement.

But their promises never came to fruition.

In fact, the anti-police rhetoric triggered an exodus of police officers, resulting in record violent crime last summer. The crime wave, combined with inaction by city officials, angered residents — but that did not stop the city council, which has zero Republican members.

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When pressed by residents to combat the crime, city council members had the audacity to question, “Where are the police?” Later, city council members recanted their promises to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department upon learning that inflammatory rhetoric does not result in functional public policy.

What’s happening now?

The council members — Phillipe Cunningham, Steve Fletcher, and Jeremy Schroeder, all of whom are Democrats — released a proposal on Thursday that would eliminate the city’s police department, but keep the police officers.

Their plan establishes a new Department of Public Safety, which includes “additional divisions … to provide for a comprehensive approach to public safety beyond law enforcement,” according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

More from the Star Tribune:

The proposed charter amendment would eliminate the requirement to maintain a minimum number of officers based on the city’s population, leaving the force size entirely at the discretion of the mayor and the 13-member City Council.

Fletcher said, “Minneapolis residents are imagining a comprehensive public safety approach that is more effective and more reflective of our values, and they are calling on the city to act. This charter amendment creates a structure that supports that vision and allows our city to innovate.”

The proposal would also move the city’s Office of Violence Prevention and perhaps even 911 operations into the new department, the Star Tribune noted.

To appear on the next city ballot, the proposal must first be approved by the city council and city Charter Commission.

Anything else?

According to the Associated Press, the plan is very similar to a proposal made by the city council members last year.

The proposal is similar to one that was blocked last year after the city’s Charter Commission decided to take more time to review it, essentially stopping it from advancing to the November ballot. Both proposals were designed to eliminate the police department as it is and create a new department focused on broader public safety. Last year’s proposal made it optional to include a “Division of Law Enforcement Services,” but the new proposal says officers would be mandatory.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, a Democrat, is reportedly concerned that the proposal “would diminish accountability,” the Star Tribune reported.

“I believe in a comprehensive approach. That’s what we’re hearing from people,” Frey said. “We are not hearing people want to dilute accountability by having the head of public safety report to 14 people.”

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  1. bahahaha…the Morons of Minneapolis …….eIect more Democrats…eIect more MusIims…you wi get what you deserve….compete ANARCHY!!!!!!

    1. I can hardly wait to see how these morons handle all of the unintended consequences their absolute stupidity will create. For the non-liberals still in Minneapolis time to move to a sane state. You are surrounded on all borders so you won’t have to move too far.

  2. Exactly! Years ago when I visited, I was amazed at how clean the city was and how gracious its folks were. How tragic the change

  3. Nobody in their right mind would prefer that type of “law enforcement”. What a joke. May as well give all the bad actors a key to the city.

    1. Lots of cities visited by BLM and Antifa in early 2020 talked the talk but never walked the walk. Lets see just how this works out for Minneapolis. I hope they are ready to be made “laughing stocks” on this one.

  4. When a call comes in that a hardened criminal has shot several people and holding others hostage and an unarmed smooth talking social worker is sent to confront the ruthless gunman who has nothing to lose, let’s see how that works out. Maybe the “peacemaker” can calm the situation by convencing the madman to put away his weapon and engage in a fun filled pillow fight. Yea, that should do it.

  5. Well I’ve got my popcorn ready, gonna sit back and watch that that stare destroy itself, should make for some great fireworks……..Smfh!……Welcome to Senile Joe’s America!

  6. In other Decent People will no longer be able to Live in Minneapolis. Tribal Laws will appear and the THUG with the Most Guns will Rule. Come on Down to ARKANSAS and Try That SHIT!!!

    1. “Thugs with guns will rule”? But the city won’t allow that to happen. Like all good Dumocrat cities, they’ll make it illegal to have guns. And, of course we all know that the thugs will abide by the gun control laws and not carry weapons – just like the success that has been seen in Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, Detroit and so many other DNC bastions. Not to worry!!!

      1. Or they will use knives, baseball bats, tasers or anything else that will make them threatening until someone with a bigger knife or bat stands up to them.

  7. Why remove the police , George Floyd was criminal thug was on drugs with a heart condition thats what killed him not the police .

    1. RL congratulations you are 100% right. He passed a fake $20 . He has a criminal record of length. He was on drugs and he had a heart condition from years of the drug abuse . The corners report even said he didn’t die of blunt force trauma or injury related to what the officer did or asphyxiation. But in a slow pandemic news cycle that story became the darling of the fake news. Then the news did it to every Black person who subsequently resisted arrest and got hurt or killed thereafter. A criminal will turn into a civil rights martyr! What did Floyd, Rayshard Brooks ( Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend) George Wallace and others all have in common. They all resisted arrest. The Media and public cannot see the real problem. In 2021 there isn’t a white cop in America who wants to shoot a black person cause they know their life will be destroyed by the media and black Attorney (Ambulance chaser) Ben Crump!

  8. The people in political office in Minnesota are absolutely incompetent, They want their public safet department to reflect their values which are what? Government exists to provide safety and welfare for the people not protect criminals from being held accountable. All this insanity for George Floyd, a violent cold blooded career criminal who died of heart failure. His body was swimming in fentanyl, THC, crystal meth and enough energy drink caffeine to operate a tractor. HIs enlarged heart and cause of death was so because of his drug addicted lifestyle. Those who support this man are the same people who live either refuse to assist the police in solving violent crime in their neighborhoods or idiots who actually believe the BLM nonsense that we are systemically racist.

  9. Isn’t this the same city that hired private security for the council members? Let the citizens eat cake!

    1. Yep they paid big $$$ when the mob turned up at their doorsteps. It would be funny if it wasn’t a waste of taxpayers money and also proved the problem wasn’t the police!

  10. Who will replace the police once they’re defunded? BLM, Antifa, the Hell Angels? Back to the fox guarding the chicken coop. These city officials can’t be that stupid and naive; or are they?
    Who’s running the city? Patrick Star from Spongebob?

  11. Ahhh, Detroit 501, because dumbashes never learn the first time…..or the second, third, fourth, fifth, ……………………..

  12. The citizens of Minneapolis voted for these useles idiots. They didn’t appear on their own or by divine intervention. Either vote them out of live with your choice.

  13. The Democrats will pack the Supreme Court. Ram through H.R. 127. They will take away conservative social media platforms. Make any freedom of speech – hate speech and make it prosecutable. They will attack the church and the freedom to worship. They will promote more unemployment and more dependence on Government. Taxes will rise, gas and utility bills will rise. The cost of living will be a struggle. Illegal immagrants will burden the system and take jobs. Minorities will have priority for everything. The Police will be defunded and criminals will NOT be held accountable.
    Landlords can’t pay their bills leading to further struggles. Millions are facing eviction and the prospect of being homeless. Resturants are closed and many are not coming back. Mask and vaccines will become mandatory. Total compliance will be expected.
    The election was rigged, the Georgia Senate seats were stolen and Socialism is going to be shoved up our butts. Transgenders will be in the Military. If you fail to use the proper pronoun, you could be held accountable. Biden (as a good Catholic) placed his hand on the bible then proceeded to sign legislation to fund abortion with your taxes. The Democrats promote late term abortion as acceptable. Sea Turtle eggs get more federal protection than a human fetus (which really has no protections). Black on Black, Black on White, Black on Hispanic crimes will never be addressed. Only White on Black crimes which is the smallest number. Crime will rise to record levels. Private prisons will be the first to go.
    The mainstream media will continue to promote propaganda. Our schools are promoting anti-God – anti- Jesus Christ and promoting other religions. Burning, looting and assulting people is a “peaceful protest”. A Patriot that is willing to fight for freedom is a Domestic Terrorist.
    Welcome to Biden/Harris. We are all screwed – even the ones who voted for this mess.

    1. You are living inside my head Brother. I have said these same things for years. It will take and Irish Republican Army type of resistance over many years to bring this oppressive socialism to an end. I will not live to see the end but my children will have to live through the oppression.

  14. Where are these “social workers” going to come from? Any idea how long it takes to get a degree, prove competence, accumulate experience, and maturity? Many coming out of treatment themselves “feel” the need to move towards that field. Hmmmm. Do you have any idea what it takes to walk into a violent intervention?
    Look at how Family Services has been handled in Minnesota. A big mess!
    Understaffed, low morale, bloated undisciplined budget, huge blob of ineffectiveness. And who get hurts; who gets stuck with the bill?
    Check out the educational system in Minneapolis. 😞 A complete failure.
    So with all the ineptitude permeating every aspect of Minneapolis to Minnesota government, ask yourself, would you come here for a convention, a Super Bowl, Final Four, Stanley Cup, NCAA, even the Twins game? This is not the time for dreaming up a pie in the sky idea from the comfort of your couch.
    This is my life, your life, my property values hitting the skids, my fear of getting mugged, robbed, attacked. I personally know people already victims. One thrown into a car, robbed and pistol whipped. Two others, Carleton college grads, robbed at gunpoint in the middle of the day walking around Lake Bde Maka Ska, There are huge consequences when you purposely set upon an ill advised path.
    I loved this city. I always felt safe. I walked everywhere night and day. Not anymore. A close relative told me he is thinking about not using his season tickets to the Twins this year (if allowed). He has held these tickets for decades. Just one person….I think there are many more. No customers, no businesses, no jobs, no pay, no life.
    Please insist the members of this “student. council” of a city council partake in at least two weeks of “ride a longs” with the city police. Require them to have hands on experience with the situations they are thrusting unto the citizens of this city and by extension to the state. And no taxpayer funded special security for them either.

    Finally: Has anyone asked the social workers already in the field if they are willing to walk into the abyss?
    The job description will be quite different from the office setting they may be used to…..no remote work here.

  15. All criminals please move to Minneapolis so you can commit crimes and get away with it. do not commit crimes in Clearwater, Fl. you will be arrested so please move to Minneapolis and take all of you friends with you.
    Talk about stupid! city council here is your sign.
    DemoncRATs run this city as do they the USA so pray for the USA and all of the criminals move to Minneapolis so the crime rate all over the united states will drop.
    Let the 13% move here and make your own country. PLEASE…..

  16. Stupid is as Stupid Does. from Forrest Gump. This has been coming for almost 100 years. When you Dumb Down enough of the population with a media that is over 90% CONTROLLED by a Few modern-day OLIGARCHS who have twisted the ‘GOLDEN RULE’ to WE HAVE THE GOLD AND WE MAKE THE RULES -NOW SHUT UP AND OBEY YOUR BETTERS.

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