Re: When Insurrection Was Okay

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Rich Lowry is of course correct in calling out the hypocrisy of the media when it (correctly) condemned this month’s Capitol riot but (incorrectly) failed to condemn this summer’s George Floyd riots.

But I’ll look on the bright side: It will be a good thing if the Left now sees that desiring law and order is not only not racist but actually quite understandable. And here’s another lesson that perhaps it is learning: It was the Left, it should be recalled, that until recently rejected the idea of objective truth. Now all of a sudden, it seems to be open to the idea that perhaps there actually is such a thing.

One other observation for today: Arthur Brooks, formerly the president of the American Enterprise Institute, this month had a New-Year’s-resolution article that argued, convincingly, that a good way to be happier is to embrace A) forgiveness and B) gratitude. Now, is there anything more foreign to the Left than these two qualities? No wonder there is so little smiling over there.

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