Thousands on no-fly lists ahead of Biden’s inauguration as airlines ban guns from luggage

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US airlines have put thousands of people on their no-fly lists for failing to wear face masks on board, as security measures are stepped up ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Delta Airlines has said it is going to ban passengers from taking firearms in their baggage on flights to Washington DC until the end of next week.

The Federal Aviation Administration has also adopted a “zero tolerance policy” after some of the president’s supporters were disruptive on recent flights.

Security has been ramped up at the Capitol building ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration
Security has been ramped up at the Capitol building ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration

Last week, Utah Senator Mitt Romney was heckled on a flight from Salt Lake City to Washington by passengers who back Mr Trump.

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Under tough new measures that will be in force until 30 March, disruptive passengers could face fines of up to $35,000 (£25,590) and possible jail time – irrespective of whether they’re a first-time offender or not.

As security is boosted at airports in the Washington area, American Airlines has also said it won’t be selling alcohol on board its flights from 16 to 21 January.

American added it is “revising pre-departure announcements to further emphasise the importance of following crew member instructions and complying with mandatory face-covering policies”.

More from Donald Trump

In other developments, several US-based airlines have announced that they back Mr Biden‘s plans to make face coverings mandatory for all air passengers.

Airlines for America – which represents American, Delta, United and others – asked the president-elect to “require all passengers two years and older to wear a mask, without exception”.

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National Guard sleep in Capitol building

Mr Trump had opposed introducing legal requirements that would have required passengers to wear face masks on planes, trains and other modes of public transport, despite the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention calling for such a policy.

More than 20,000 National Guard troops are going to be deployed in Washington DC amid fears of fresh political violence in the run-up to Mr Biden’s inauguration – as well as afterwards.

Thousands of National Guard troops have already been deployed in Washington DC
Thousands of National Guard troops have already been deployed in Washington DC

Officials have warned that armed protests are planned in DC and all 50 states.

It follows last week’s deadly storming of the US Capitol building.

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How violent scenes in the Capitol unfolded

“We’re all on high alert based on the events over the last couple of weeks in Washington,” Delta chief executive Ed Bastian told CNBC.

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  1. American Airlines might want to check the attitude at the door! You need the flying public. We sure as hell do not need you! You are not the only airline in the country. All the flying public has to do is not use you. If you want to keep your share holders in a good mood, I would keep this in mind and lose the pissy attitude! You can be gone in a heartbeat! A distant memory of what can happen when you bite the hand that feeds you!

  2. So you don’t like free speech and freedom! so you vote dumocrap the socialist scum that should be put on a dirty,, smelly tramp steamer to the socialist country of their choice…imho if they won’t leave…execute or imprison them!!!

  3. Well this is stark raving confirmation the Democrats know they are Criminals, We the People of America are Americans, and the People are pissed off. “They stole our Vote and now they want to Steal America with their Phony illegal act of putting a criminal in Our White House.

    Now these parasites want to start another sige in Washington and blame Trump supporters like they tried to do most recently.

    Why did these CRIMINALS not call out the National Guard when our cities were being looted and burned by the Democrats MOB we all know them as: ANTIFA, BLM, CHAZ, If riots and looting starts in Washington it will be their own lawless traders of unrest doing it AGAIN. ANTIFA, BLM, CHAZ.

    We, the People and true Citizens of America remember all too well the speeches of : Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Check Schumer, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker ALL OF THESE PARASITES CALLED FOR VIOLENCE, Against peaceful Conservative Americans.! Because We all voted for Donald J. Trump and he will be our President.

  4. Here’s an idea: Conservatives across the U.S. should fly the flag at half-mast on Biden’s inauguration day, and then fly it upside down for as long as he is in office.

  5. Seems so strange that not long ago we were hollering about the very real problem of identification due to thieves, and bad guys, wearing masks I see many of the same faces nowadays that I would not recognize without their masks.

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