In the Midst of the Chaos, a Woman Is Still Set to Be Executed by the Federal Government on Tuesday


As I’ve mentioned previously, Lisa Montgomery brutally murdered a pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnett and stole her daughter (the baby amazingly survived and is 16). Lisa Montgomery was severely mentally ill and was abused her entire life in multiple diabolical ways. Her lawyers are asking for the president to commute her sentence to life in prison without parole. I urge pro-life leaders to join them. It’s terrifying to think that because of this chaos that the president’s delusions about the election are causing, showing mercy here will not be considered. Another death isn’t going to bring back Bobbie Jo’s life, and Lisa Montgomery was a vulnerable child who never had a chance. We need to work harder for them, which is a lesson of this miserable story. Let’s let there be good for once in her life.

There’s not a lot of time. And not a lot of attention span, either.

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