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William F. Buckley Jr.

Nobody made me do this, but I wanted to say a few last 2020 words about National Review Institute. As politics is driving people mad – and I’m sure it would be for me, if I had to pay attention to it to the extent that I used to as editor of NRO – because of National Review Institute, I can focus at our Center for Religion, Culture, and Civil Society on some of the things that are not what everyone else is talking about.

How many people were paying attention to the religious freedom foster-care case in Philadelphia? We can do that. We can talk about child welfare. We can make connections and advance conversations that are all too often under the radar. We can highlight the importance of faith and civil society. We can talk about gratitude! How on earth are we going to get anywhere good in life and politics without gratitude? We can remember some of the best of the legacy of William F. Buckley Jr., a man whose life’s work was rooted in Bethlehem and the Beatitudes, and learn from it. We have great treasures as Americans, as conservatives. They help us with our better angels. I love maybe the most when I can talk to people who aren’t conservatives but who share some common values. We need more of that, not less. We need to recognize common humanity. If we don’t, freedom is out the door. So thank you for your support of NRI, which is, of course, doing our last 2020 fundraising pitch today. A thriving NRI means a thriving National Review and website and many good things to come. I’ll never cease to grateful for the honor of working at both and with some truly beautiful (I hope the men among them don’t mind) colleagues. God bless each and every one of you who are a part of this blessed community in one way or another.

(Some links, if you are interested, on some of our 2020 programming — even in virtual times, we managed a few partnership events with the Heritage Foundation and Ignatius Press and others — here and here. Sign up for a weekly email from me here.)

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