‘Wokeness’ Infiltrates College Music Departments

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It shouldn’t surprise anyone that college music departments are under assault by the “woke.” These days, academics in all fields, even STEM, are under pressure to conform or face the fury of the Social Justice Warrior squads.

In today’s Martin Center article, I write about three recent incidents involving music.

One involves Meredith College, a women’s school in Raleigh, N.C. After the death of George Floyd, the school felt the need to begin an anti-racist initiative, and the music department eagerly followed suit. It hired a “consultant” who had a conversation with minority students and alums (to keep everything “safe” of course) and she reported back that they were concerned about racism in the department. As a result, the curriculum has been revised to de-emphasize white, European music and teach more about other music and musicians. It’s a solution to no real problem.

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Another involves the University of Arizona, where a music professor who specializes in the viola has created a database of compositions for viola that pointedly excludes anything written by white men. That will put a big dent in any latent racism among viola students.

Third, there’s an opposite case from the University of North Texas, where a music professor is in hot water because he dared to dispute another music prof’s assertion that a little-known German theorist was a racist. The academic mob at his university immediately demanded his punishment and a thorough investigation to root out all racists lurking in the department. Instead of defending him, the administration chose to appease the mob.

The ice under academic freedom gets thinner and thinner.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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  1. you cant use racism to combat racism and call it a frog. I feel for what is happening in our country and to our children who being by the nose of true racism. Call it what you will but music is not the problem, radical politics and fast change to a solution I promise they will regret in the future. Going back will not be an option at that point. Who’s to blame? politic shaping teachers of too many new unproven ideas laid on the innocent minds of our children in our colleges. White men? That is very funny. Who is scared of white people at all…Good luck , that’s what they are trying to change their own luck at a price.

  2. I’m not a writer , I’m not trying to impress anyone with my vast knowledge, or how I know it all and you don’t. freedom of my own outlook, standing back watching people step on people. Not pretty.

  3. In my opinion, what needs to be locked down and disposed of are the colleges and universities. There is no education going on there; only full-blown indoctrination.

  4. So, all this focus on white people being the problem, what about all the mexicans that have called me “white boy” or “cracker” without instigation by me? Maybe white people aren’t the problem anymore, maybe it’s the other races that are turning more racist.

  5. I was stationed at Osan AB in Korea in the early ’70s, when race came to us without instigation by white airmen. There were a few blacks that were attacking lone white guys with knives. They also attacked Hispanics, so it was blacks against everyone.

    The base commander close the gates and sequestered us in our barracks, but the town leaders demanded that we be allowed to resume our bar crawling and shopping for trinkets and food.

    The base commander relented and allow us to go off base, but only if we worn our dress blues. He said, “If anyone attacks another airman, he’s attacking blue! There will be no more racial attacks, or you’ll be locked down in your barracks forever!”

    We all resumed our normal off-base activities, and the blacks ended their attacks on everyone else. It felt like an old World War II movie scene, with all of us in our dress blues and service hats, boisterously quaffing our beers from big mugs.

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