Police arrest woman for allegedly driving 6 children around upstate New York to rip down Trump campaign signs

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Sheriff’s deputies arrested a woman for allegedly driving six children around upstate New York to rip down Trump campaign signs and those of other Republicans.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said that the deputies arrested 45-year-old Deana Algarin from Schenectady for allegedly using the minors to do her bidding.

The sheriff’s office said that they were called to investigate the theft of the campaign signs for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign as well as those for Rep. Elise Stefanik, a Republican representing New York’s 21st congressional district. The signs were stolen from people’s homes in Tribes Hill and the Town of Amsterdam.

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When New York State police pulled over Algarin, officers found campaign signs in her vehicle. Investigators believe she drove around six children to steal the signs.

The woman was charged with six counts of endangering the welfare of a child, criminal possession of stolen property, and petit larceny. Police also charged her for marijuana possession and seat-belt violations.

Vandalism as political expression

Trump signs and flags have frequently been the focus of politically motivated vandalism and assault.

In a startling incident from August, a Montana family said that a vandal ripped down their Trump flags and lit them on fire in their yard. They noted that the act could have easily caught their home on fire while their four children slept inside. The man was caught on their surveillance video.

In another bizarre incident in Florida, surveillance video captured a couple driving up to a home in a golf cart with their children inside. As the children pleaded for them to stop, the couple set up a ladder, ripped down a Trump flag and drove off with it. Police later arrested two doctors that they suspected may have committed the crime.

Here’s more about one of the flag vandalism incidents:


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  2. I say quite often that their fruit cakes don’t understand that the DNC Party of communism if win will find themselves enslaved or murdered as communism does. Are they ignorant that in 1963 the DNC Party published its Communist Manifesto to take over our Republic of freedom and rights. Ignorance is NOT bliss for the vacant minded who hate Trump but really don’t why they do when he has in 3 1/2 yrs. brought back a huge amount of our country, and freedom and rights, and so much more. Meanwhile what have the democrat communists done for the country except wasting our money via our hired help in this swamp congress, putting down Trump and losing badly, denigrating him when they are the ones to be denigrated. Wake up and smell the future with more of Trump or wake up to no money, no food, no life, nothing because the democrat communists do not give a darn about you but love to con your vacant skulls!

    1. They hate him because the Communist News Network (CNN) has lead a hate Trump movement for the past 3 3/4 years. They hate him because Jimmy no brains Kimbell has ran a Trump hate show for the past 3 3/4 years. They hate him because all but Fox News (sometimes) has been twisting his words and never report on anything bad the liberals do. With age comes wisdom but the liberal democrats had rather be constantly changing rather than trying to learn. They are now a communist party and that spells big trouble for our country. Bernie the old commie said he liked the bread lines for us. That means you stand in line for hours to get your family a loaf of bread. New York city may have 10 of thee places to serve the whole city, you want to wait in that line? You will share your house with 5 or 6 other families when the government takes it away from you, your family will get a room of the governments house. The joys of what our news media want to bring on to us is never ending. Communism 101 take over the news media.

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