“Highly Organized Violent Operators” Are Behind Recent Riots in US Cities Says AG Barr

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Democrats want Americans to believe that the riots around the country are really peaceful protests against racist Americans.  This of course is a lie.

For example, if America was a racist country, then how could the US ever vote in a black man as President?

TRENDING: “You Kill One of Us, It’s Time for Us to Kill One of Yours!” – Kenosha Black Lives Matter Speaker Calls for Retaliation Killings Against Whites (VIDEO)

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Yes, something just doesn’t pass the smell test with the riots in the Democrat-led cities. 

Attorney General William Barr knows that there is someone or some entity or government behind the riots going on today in the big Democrat-led cities in Democrat-led states throughout the US.  Minneapolis, New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Portland and now Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Barr shared in a statement last week:

As the Department of Justice explained in our briefing, federal officers in Portland – like law enforcement in other parts of the country – have confronted aggressive mob violence. Behind the veil of “protests,” highly organized violent operators have carried out direct attacks on federal personnel and property, particularly the federal courthouse in Portland. Shielded by the crowds, which make it difficult for law enforcement to detect or reach them, violent opportunists in Portland have attacked the courthouse and federal officers with explosives, lasers, projectiles, and other dangerous devices. In some cases, purported “journalists” or “legal observers” have provided cover for the violent offenders; in others, individuals wearing supposed press badges have themselves attacked law enforcement or trespassed on federal property. More than 200 federal officers have been injured in Portland alone.

AG Barr is right.  The recent riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin provide more evidence this is the case.  The Washington Examiner reported:

The Kenosha Police Department said in a statement Sunday that officers arrested 175 people during a week of civil unrest that followed the police shooting of Jacob Blake, and 102 of those people taken into custody listed addresses outside of Kenosha.

Arrest numbers include people from 44 different cities, the police department said. Sixty-nine people were arrested for curfew violations, and 34 more were arrested for curfew violations in addition to other charges “ranging from carrying concealed weapons, burglary and possession of controlled substances,” the department added.

In June we reported that bricks were being delivered during the day to areas where rioting occurred at night.  This was one clue that the current riots are organized:

MUST SEE EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious Stacks of Bricks Are Being Delivered to Numerous US Cities – More Evidence Riots Are Organized!

Senator Rand Paul was attacked after the RNC at the White House on Thursday night. He now wants to know who is behind these riots:

Rep. Ken Buck wants to know as well per a report from FOX News:

Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., on Sunday called for a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into the funding of recent violent protests that have sprung up across the country, echoing statements made by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who was recently attacked while with his wife during the Republican National Convention.

“The Justice Department needs to open an investigation into who is funding these violent riots,” Buck tweeted.

It’s time our law enforcement arrests these people and finds out who is paying them to destroy America.


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