Portland IED Bomber Outed by His Grandmother Turns Himself In to Police

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The Portland IED Bomber turned himself in.

Gabriel S. Agardberryhill was booked at 9:29 PM on Thursday, July 30th by US Marshals Service. Agardberryhill was booked into Multnomah County Jail in Portland, Oregon.

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From our source, “His sister convinced him to turn himself in.  Not to make any excuses for him but apparently he had a bad childhood, and had been in and out of foster homes.  Antifa and the Leftists prey on these types of kids.”

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The sleuths at 4Chan posted the communications with sister.

And 4Chan  was investigating the bomber.

Here is his booking information from Thursday.

As reported earlier–


As reported earlier this morning by Cassandra Fairbanks — An Antifa militant in Portland threw what appears to be an improvised explosive device at the federal courthouse in Portland on Monday evening.

Rioters have been attacking the building for over 60 days.

The bomber has been identified — Thanks to his grandma!
Thanks to the internet sleuths at 4Chan.

Here is video of the terrorist throwing the bomb at federal agents!

Here is a high resolution of him with a naked protester.

His leftist grandmother bought him the vest online.

She wrote a review on the product at Hibbett.com.

Here is more from Anime Gorella.


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