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The July 27, 2020, issue of the country’s premier conservative journal is a 17-article Defense of America, issued boldly in the face of a full leftist attack on the very foundation of this more perfect union. Rich Lowry introduces the broadside of wisdom with this:

The last couple of months have been profoundly dispiriting. We’ve gone from the George Floyd case and a discussion of some potentially worthwhile police reforms to, in many influential precincts of our culture and in the streets, a wholesale rejection of the police and a poisonous critique of America at its roots. We’ve gone from a debate about the status of Confederate statues to the toppling, defacing, and removal of statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt. We’ve gone from the 1619 Project’s appearing in an issue of The New York Times Magazine to its becoming the dominant narrative of America in many quarters. In recent weeks, demands that would have been considered preposterous a short time ago – the band the Dixie Chicks must change its name, the Florida Gators must abandon their chant – instantly became reality. It is in this context that we’ve devoted our current issue to a defense of America. The pieces range from history to data about racism to culture, and all are devoted to the idea that, despite out current tribulations, we still live in the last best hope of earth.

Of the bevy of pieces, all of which are excellent, consider this sampling to get a flavor of the full undertaking: Richard Brookhiser’s essay opens the intellectual proceedings by explaining our founding and demanding that we “get our founding right, for the world as well as for us”; Myron Magnet defends the virtues and honorable lasting consequence of Thomas Jefferson; Robert VerBruggen plows through the data that bears strong evidence that undermines the charges of “systemic racism”; Andre Archie echoes Martin Luther King Jr.’s case-making for color blindness; and Armond White notes America’s greatest export — Motown. If you are an NRPLUS member, all that — and so much more in the NR archives, as well as exclusive pieces — is available this very instant. If you are not, well, your three free articles (per month) will go very quickly (if they’ve not already been expended).


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