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With the woke cancel mob trying to topple statues of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and even Abraham Lincoln, it would only make sense that they’d come after President Ronald Reagan, too. Writer Lucy Diavolo did just that in a July 9 article published in Teen Vogue.

Spurred by Republican Voters Against Trump’s July 7 ad that featured Reagan’s 1980 “Shining City on a Hill” campaign speech – which she dubbed “infamous” – contrasted with clips from the Trump era, Diavolo bemoaned what she called the “historical revisionism” of having “to revisit familiar faces of evil, and, too often, to remember them for their good, not their bad.”

Lest any child see the ad and be inspired by Reagan’s words, Teen Vogue butts in with a “well ackshually…” lecture saying that Trump and Reagan’s city on the hill are one and the same, “shining not with any moral virtue, but with the raging, white-hot, destructive fires of imperialism and capitalism.”

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Engaging in its very own historical revisionism for impressionable teens, Teen Vogue:

  • Summed up Reaganomics as “making rich people pay less in taxes, giving poor people less help, building the imperial forces he used in foreign policy, and making life easier for the capitalist class.”   
  • Compared Trump’s handling of coronavirus to Reagan “downplaying and ignoring” AIDS.
  • Blamed Reagan’s “massive expansion of the war on drugs” for today’s “racist injustices at the very root of our so-called justice system.” 
  • Traced the current illegal immigration crisis back “to Reagan’s anti-communist meddling in Latin America” and “Reagan-era funding for political atrocities in the region.”

Then, to top it all off, a transgender activist was cited for confirmation:

As Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, the transgender Stonewall uprising veteran famed for her activism and organizing, told me last month, “Reagan was so wrong for the country…. And this guy that’s running it now is equally as bad, if not worse. But they don’t think about the fact that they’re bringing that history back.”

Diavolo allowed that Reagan “sure could talk pretty on camera,” implying that it was solely Reagan’s charisma as an experienced actor, not the fundamental American values he ascribed to, that were the trick to his massive appeal.

She concluded her hysterical screed:

Trump is not a foil to Reagan; he is the natural evolution of the GOP’s emphasis on telegenic oppressors. It only makes sense that, 40 years after a movie star set this country on a course toward nationalism and economic exploitation, a reality TV star is doing everything he can to accelerate a downward spiral into mythical American exceptionalism that Reagan wrote the script for.

Yeah, let’s just forget Reagan restoring American greatness from Carter’s malaise, pretend Reaganomics didn’t bring the economy back, and ignore the successful, peaceful conclusion of the decades-long Cold War with the Soviet Union. Talk about mythical!


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