Biden Makes No Sense, Forgets His Own Proposal While Reading From a Teleprompter During Virtual Conference (VIDEO)

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77-year-old Joe Biden on Wednesday made no sense and forgot his own proposal while reading from a teleprompter when he made remarks at IBEW’s 2020 virtual political conference.

As soon as Biden realized he was making no sense, he insisted he was “taking too much time.”

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“We’re posed — what I proposed is — is — is…can be done,” said Biden. “I think we’re really in a position to make it happen. And my team and your team are already working closely together to light up the path forward here.

This is when Biden went completely off the rails…as he was reading from the teleprompter!

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“Critical laws like the Pro Act to strengthen collective bargaining. On politics like prevailing — and — look — yes, I’m I’m I’m taking too much time, but you know.”

Biden recently said he is ‘constantly tested’ for cognitive decline. Why won’t he release the test results?



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