Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Blames Coronavirus for Her City’s Rising Murder Rate After Dozens of People Shot Over 4th of July Weekend (VIDEO)

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Democrats never take responsibility for their failures.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Monday blamed the Coronavirus for her city’s rising murder rate.

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Last week it was reported 65 people were shot across Chicago as Mayor Lightfoot pushed for police reform and lectured the city on Coronavirus safety measures.

Four children were among the 65 people shot.

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A total of 18 people died, including 2 children and a baby.

There was even more violence over 4th of July weekend, but Mayor Lightfoot refused to acknowledge the real reason for the escalating murder rate in Chicago.

“All of these forces are coming together at the same time and making it very difficult. The ecosystem of public safety that isn’t just law enforcement but is local, community-based, they, too, have really been hit hard by COVID and are now just kind of coming back online and getting their footing,” Lightfoot said.

CNN didn’t even push back.



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