Pregnant White Woman Falsely Accused of Racism Defends Herself with Firearm After Being Assaulted, Threatened by Black Woman (VIDEO)

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Lake Orion, Michigan – A white couple leaving a Chipotle restaurant this week were falsely accused of racism by black a woman and her 15-year-old daughter.

The black woman accused a pregnant white woman of bumping into her daughter near the entrance of the restaurant and demanded an apology.

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The white woman accused the black women of blocking the sidewalk and preventing her from walking to her car.

“You’re very racist and ignorant,” shouted the black girl filming.

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The white woman tried to deescalate the confrontation by peacefully walking away and got into her car as the black woman called her a “dumbass bitch.”

The black woman then turned her ire toward white woman’s husband and threatened him: “And if you say something I’ll beat your white ass too.”

The man defended his wife then walked away and got into the car.

“This is not that type of world. White people aren’t racist. No one’s racist. I care about you, I care about you and I’m sorry if you had an incident that has made someone made you feel like that,” said the white woman from the car. “No one is racist.”

As the white couple backed up their vehicle to leave the parking lot, the black woman rushed behind the SUV to block them from leaving and accused them of ‘trying to hit her.’

The black woman pounded on the vehicle and threatened to beat them.

This is when the confrontation escalated.

The white woman got out of the car and pulled out her firearm after being assaulted and threatened, “Get the f*ck away!” she screamed. “Back the f*ck up!”

FOX 2 Detroit reported that the white woman was arrested and her gun was taken away. She was later released.

WATCH (language warning):


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