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Terry CrewsActor and former pro football player Terry Crews, a follower of Christ, wouldn’t play ball with the Black Lives Matter Twitter crowd and brought heaps of wrath upon himself Tuesday. The “blacklash” prompted his fan and former Mid-America Conference football rival, Outkick The Coverage’s Jason Whitlock, to declare Twitter is the “IRS” for Christians, especially when they deviate from the Marxist-inspired BLM’s agenda.

“Twitter has no mercy, and if it did, it’s unlikely much would be granted to Terry Crews,” writes the Los Angeles Times’ Christie D’Zurilla after the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor’s Tweet ignited a social media firestorm:

“If you are a child of God, you are my brother and sister. I have family of every race, creed and ideology. We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #blacklivesbetter.”

Crews tweet

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In one of the top-trending tweets of the week, entertainers responded to Crews with unbridled fury. Actress Holly Robinson Peete commented:

“Terry, we trying to ‘matter’ and get to ‘equal’ and you are worried about better??”

Comedienne Amanda Seales wasn’t joking when she wrote: “This is unintellectual and irresponsible. You are developing into an enemy of the people. Ignorance will be your downfall.”

Whitlock, a frequent critic of Twitter and a believer, offered a big-picture indictment of Twitter as a secular force that figuratively taxes Christians. He says the “blacklash” is what “we’ve come to expect when any influencer dares to deviate from the pre-approved racial narrative popularized via social media.” The mainstream media followed the lead of the Silicon Valley social media app, publishing and broadcasting stories of the “blacklash,” Whitlock explained.:

“Public figures received a not-so-subtle warning/reminder: 

“Do not, under any circumstance, question the agenda, direction or ramifications of the Black Lives Matter Movement. If you have ever wondered whether BLM is consistent with the values taught in your church, do not raise those questions or concerns publicly. If you see a guilt-ridden white person kneeling in front of and asking a black person for forgiveness as if the black person embodied God, do not question either person’s sanity or the sacrilegious messaging. You will be race shamed.”

Whitlock says social media is hostile to Christian values and Twitter is the most secular place on earth, so it’s the preferred platform of Black Lives Matter. The BLM movement was founded by Marxist-trained women and Marxism is anti-religion.:

“’Black Twitter,’ the loosely defined network of black people on the social media app, is the communication force disconnecting young and old black people from their religious upbringing. African-Americans had traditionally been the most religious people in America. Religious faith had been our defining characteristic.”

Whitlock claims Twitter is “the IRS for Christians,” and says Crews just received an IRS “notification of audit and tax penalty. His statement of brotherhood and sisterhood with all of God’s children — regardless of their race, creed and ideology — placed him in the Twitter crosshairs.”

If your worldview is driven by your faith in a higher power and you have the courage to publicly express that worldview, social media will come for you, Whitlock warns. BLM therefore has a safe place on Twitter, where the conventional narrative is never challenged without repercussions.


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