SICK. NY Times Pervert Paul Krugman Smears Florida Seniors as “White Supremacists” as COVID Numbers Climb in State

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New York Times hack reporter Paul Krugman, who once proclaimed that markets would “never recover” after Trump’s election victory, posted a bizarre tweet earlier this year on the child porn found on his phone.

Mike Cernovich wrote about this fishy story earlier

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I’ve seen a lot in my life – stuff I hope others don’t.

Rarely am I in AWE….. and BEWILDERED

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This tweet….. I can’t stop looking at it.

It makes absolutely no sense to make something like this public.

It is of course possible that someone hacked his computer and used it as a server for illegal conduct. That does happen. But man oh man, why post something like that at this phase?

Utterly incomprehensible.

Update: “The Times is now on the case.”

On Tuesday Paul Krugman smeared Florida seniors as “white supremacists” and joked about the climbing COVID-19 numbers in the state.

Krugman is the typical leftist who holds raw hatred for any group that may possibly be conservative or stand in the way of the Democrat agenda.

This guy is sick.


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