Oregon Man Threatened With Felony After State Sends Him Two Ballots

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What happens when you vote with your mail in ballot, then go online to double check your voter registration, only to have the state’s online system guide you into creating a new account, then they send you a second ballot, then when you call them to tell them about the mistake they tell you to fill out the new ballot and they will nullify the first one?

Well in Oregon they threaten you with arrest.

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That’s what happened to long time conservative activist John Woods.

Gateway Pundit readers may recall the series of ballot scandal stories we reported on last month, so this is just the latest example of ballot shenanigans happening with Oregon’s vote-by-mail system.

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Woods tells The Gateway Pundit Actually what happened was I wanted to check my party registration, after voting the first time [in last fall’s election], and instead of allowing me to do that, somehow the system required me to create a new account. So I followed their instructions and a second ballot showed up a few days later, you would think the system would have flagged two accounts with same name and birthday. I called them and said I have a second ballot with my name etc on it. I said what do I do with this destroy it? Nope they said fill out the second one and it will make the first one null and void. So I did that, next thing I know they are contacting SOS and threatening to arrest me for voting twice. I contacted SOS and they said the first ballot would not count like I was originally told. My problem was being honest and trying to work through their stupid system and a bit of false information.”

Apparently when I tried to check my party affiliation, I entered my name as it is listed on my driver license Last Name then First Name. So the system was attempting to register me as Woods (First Name) and John (Last Name) thus it would not allow me to move past this unless I registered. So I followed the instructions and it registered me as Mr. Woods John. My ballot is with my last name first, and my first name last Woods, John. Looking at this I had two different ballots and two different names but the same voter ID number?

When asked about this, an official Washington County told him “As mentioned yesterday and today, when you came into the office and dropped off the second ballot that you had received, that the first ballot would be counted as that was the first one received.  At the time you were advised to make sure to destroy it appropriately as your originally issued ballot had been received.  Today, you dropped off the second ballot which is signed  and again told that only the one first ballot that was received would be counted.  Under Oregon law you are only permitted to vote one ballot per election per ORS 260.715, which is considered a Class C felony.  We would like to make sure you understand that knowingly voting twice is not permissible and can be prosecuted by the SOS.  At this time the SOS is cc’d on this email.  If the SOS wishes to proceed than our office will leave that entirely up to the SOS office; our office understands that this was an innocent error.”

And he’s got the email thread to back up all of his claims (click to enlarge any of the images):

“I was ready to go to jail if need be, Woods tells us.

This never would have come to light had Woods not been honest and not tried to do the right thing. Perhaps the most concerning part of this covfefe is Woods’ closing take: If I can do this accidentally just think what can be done willfully.


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