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Starz’s Hightown has it all. June 28’s episode, “Everybody’s Got a Cousin” contains the random opportunity to mention “global warming” and curse President Donald Trump. 

In the episode, fisherman Michael McCarthy (Michael Park) joins in on bashing Trump when Jackie Quiñones, an officer of the National Marine Fisheries Services, comes sniffing around his boat.

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Jackie: So you catching ’em? 

Michael: Eh, going out more and bringing home less. What the fuck is that about?

Jackie: Global warming. Fuck Trump, am I right? 

Michael: Yeah, fuck him. He deregulated everything else. So why is the fishery service still getting up my ass? 

Jackie: Well, someone’s gotta keep you honest. 

It was only a matter of time before the Trump bashing was bound to happen in this show. A previous episode contained a mention of Jackie’s work partner, Ed Murphy (Mike Pniewski), taking offense at the charge that he voted for Trump, when he voted for Gary Johnson for president. And let’s not forget the left’s love affair with blaming virtually everything on global warming.

While the show is known for its graphic displays of drugs and violence, this episode was particularly noteworthy. For instance, there’s the removal of a murder victim’s head and hands with an axe, where you actually see the head.


Also, one of the season’s storylines has followed the supposed recovery of drug user Junior McCarthy (Shane Harper), Michael’s son. Junior is not only using again, but viewers see him doing so, in addition to him getting caught up in being an accessory to multiple murders. The episode’s final moment is the discovery of Junior in a rest stop bathroom, dead from an overdose. Perhaps his father should have worried more about his son then. 


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