Minneapolis City Council Unanimously Votes to Replace Police with ‘Community-Led Public Safety System’

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Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender

The Minneapolis City Council on Friday unanimously voted a resolution to replace the police with a ‘community-led public safety system.’

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The radical left is pushing to “defund the police” following the death of George Floyd.

By “defund the police,” the left means replacing the police with Sharia patrol, Black Panthers, La Raza and other anti-Christian, anti-white social justice enforcers.

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Reuters reported:

The Minneapolis City Council on Friday unanimously passed a resolution to pursue a community-led public safety system to replace the police department following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the city’s police.

According to the resolution, the city council will begin a year-long process of engaging “with every willing community member in Minneapolis” to come up with a new public safety model.

The council commissioned a new work group to deliver recommendations by July 24 on how to engage with community stakeholders to transform the public safety system.

“Today’s unanimous City Council resolution advances our shared commitment to transformative change in how Minneapolis approaches public safety so that every member of our community can be truly safe,” said City Council President Lisa Bender. “As we respond to demands for immediate action to reduce police violence and support community safety, we will invite our community to help shape long-term transformative change, centering the voices of those most impacted by community violence and police violence.”

According to polls, the majority of Americans do not support the “defund the police” movement.

Additionally, a new poll has found that black Americans overwhelmingly oppose rioters’ demands of defunding the police.

The police reform bill introduced by Democrat lawmakers this week empowers radical left-wing groups such as La Raza (The Race), a Communist brown supremacist group, to monitor police officers across the country.


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