Hack Reporter Attacks Gateway Pundit and Breitbart over Armed Anarchists in Seattle — Then CNN Reporter Refutes Their Own Report!

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CNN needs to get their story straight.

Armed Guard at Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (Getty)

On Thursday CNN political reporter Oliver Darcy, who defended the anarchist Seattle Autonomous Zone, published a hit piece on conservative publishers.

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Oliver Darcy, whose primary purpose at the network is to silence conservative voices, published a hit piece on The Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, and others.

Says Darcy: “Right-wing websites like Breitbart and The Gateway Pundit have also pushed the narrative that armed Antifa members have begun seizing land.
“Antifa is reportedly seeking armed volunteers to take turns manning barricades and holding ground that protesters have seized within Seattle city limits,” a Wednesday Breitbart article said.
That report relied on a post from the far-right blog The Gateway Pundit, a website known for peddling misinformation and conspiracy theories.”

TRENDING: Seattle Officials Deliver Porta Potties in Support of Antifa – Mayor Defends Autonomous Zone, “CHAZ is Not a Lawless Wasteland of Anarchist Insurrection”

In his report Darcy says the local officials said there was “no interaction” with armed individuals at the CHAZ encampment.

TGP reporter Cassandra Fairbanks immediately responded to Darcy’s hit piece with video of armed antifa-anarchist terrorists in the Capitol Hill Free Zone (CHAZ).

On Thursday a different CNN reporter told the CNN audience there is “no doubt some of these protesters are armed.”

It’s pretty clear where the fake news are coming from these days.
Hopefully, Oliver Darcy will correct his latest fake news report.

For the record — the armed Antifa anarchists were standing at the entrance with AR15s.


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