Some Believe Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Agreed to Protective Order Over Wiretaps to Protect Himself

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(Guest post by Marty Waters)

After years of the media feeding us lies about what really happened in former Governor Rod Blagojevich’s Senate seat scandal, the truth is finally emerging.

Journalist Amy Jacobson of the Morning Answer am radio show recently divulged in an interview that her co-host Dan Proft (who is an attorney and political insider)  told her that the protective order in U.S v Blagojevich was an “agreed order”.

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In other words. Proft told Jacobson that Blagojevich and the media have for years been lying to us when they told us that we couldn’t hear the FBI wiretap recordings or read the transcripts of conversations between Blago and high level associates of presidential candidate Barrack Obama, because the judge in his case said so.  When in fact, it was Blago and his lawyers who did not want the public to hear what was on those tapes.

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Here is what the protection order clearly states in the very first paragraph:

Upon the agreement of counsel for the government and counsel of record for the defendant, it is hereby ordered as follows….”

So the judge in the Blagojevich case did not impose restrictions on Blago. Blago imposed them on himself!

The media for their part gladly played along with this pathetic lie because they understood what was on those tapes would expose how corrupt Obama and his inner circle are. The media knew that the take down of the Illinois governor was a distraction to protect their choice for our next president, Barack Hussein Obama.

Barbara Hollingsworth at the Washington Examiner chronicled the media’s participation in the Blago scandal deception:

They referred me to the protective order—entered into court records on April 19, 2009—that specifically forbade Blagojevich’s defense team from disseminating the transcripts of his recorded conversations, but leaving the government free to do so.”

In Hollingsworth’s report Chicago Tribune reporters John Chase and Jeff Coen were quick to point to the protective order to explain why no one could hear the tapes or read the transcripts of the FBI wiretaps. But never once in all of their reporting or their highly touted book on the subject of Blago did they mention the fact that the protection order was an agreed order.

These are the facts. Blago always could tell us what was captured on those FBI recordings. The protective order gave him cover to say he could not.

That’s likely because Blago knew what was on those tapes didn’t prove his innocence. To the contrary, they likely proved his guilt.

But Blago may have also known those tapes proved the guilt of many others in Chicago that were protected by the Deep State. And, he likely tried to use that fact as leverage to get out of the jam the corrupt Department Of Justice and the Obama loving media orchestrated on him to get their guy elected.

We now know Patrick Fitzgerald, Rod Blagojevich, and the Media have been lying to us for years.

Chicago journalist Amy Jacobson says she intends to confront her colleague at WLS Radio, Rod Blagojevich, with the issue of his lying about the protective order for all these years.

Let’s hope she keeps her word.

Better yet, let’s hope the full truth comes out.


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