Nursing Homes, Religious Freedom & More — Twenty Things That Caught My Eye Today, June 11, 2020



1. Baltimore Sun: Maryland significantly underreports total coronavirus cases and deaths at nursing homes

2. CNN: Nursing homes receive defective equipment

3. COVID-19 Nursing Home Data

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4. Kansas City Star: Why didn’t she leave? No bed available for 84% of KC domestic violence hotline callers

5. Jeanne Mancini: Missouri Planned Parenthood Prioritizes Agenda Over Women’s Health Politicizing Health and Safety Hurts Women

The state’s legally mandated inspection found numerous medical and safety issues that Planned Parenthood refused to address, even when given the opportunity.

The clinic did not comply with a state law requiring an obstetric examination 72 hours before any abortion to ensure that having an abortion would be safe for the woman. In multiple cases, the clinic failed to provide Missouri officials with adequate documentation about failed abortions, and at least once mislabeled a failed abortion.

Planned Parenthood administrators also failed to turn over required documentation showing they were in compliance with Missouri’s informed consent law.

And more from Jeanne Mancini here, in conversation I had with her, John McCormack, and Alexandra DeSanctis: Are We Really About Protecting Human Life or Not?

6. PBS NewsHour: Americans with disabilities need more support during pandemic, say advocates

Danny Woodburn, actor and disability rights advocate: “…there’s policy being looked at now that is a bit scary to people with disabilities, that determinations are being made like who gets a ventilator based on, you know, physical and cognitive ability, how the virus might have been affecting them and whether or not they get to keep a ventilator.”

7. Michael J. New: Is Coronavirus Increasing Abortion Rates?:

An April article found that some abortion facilities were seeing an increase in the number of women seeking abortions. The story reported that one abortion facility in Granite City, Illinois, indicated that their “show rate” for women who made abortion appointments increased from 50% to 85%. Also, a May article found that many “abortion funds,” which use private donations to subsidize abortions, were seeing an increase in calls.”

8. Daniel Philpott: Ignore the optics. Trump’s executive order could jump-start the cause of global religious freedom:

Has anyone read the executive order? Religious freedom advocates might well be frustrated that tear gas and controversy occluded a measure whose very purpose is to lift the cause of religious freedom out of the shadows. The second sentence of the order contains words that these advocates have been waiting for years to hear a president utter: ‘Religious freedom for all people worldwide is a foreign policy priority of the United States, and the United States will respect and vigorously promote this freedom.’

9. National Catholic Register: Bishops in Middle East and Nigeria Applaud Trump’s Religious-Liberty Executive Order:

Syriac Catholic Patriarch Ignace Joseph III Younan told the Register he welcomed the ‘courage’ President Trump showed in signing the order after visiting the Shrine of St. Pope John Paul II and hoped “there will be an effective follow-up” in the form of defending and preserving civil rights, creating jobs, promoting development and helping foster a true religious dialogue that they ‘dream of.”

10. Turkey’s actions in Syria endanger religious diversity:

The United States cannot look the other way as this disaster unfolds,” said Nadine Maenza, vice chair of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom.


12. Sohrab Ahmari: I thought I’d left looting mobs behind in the Middle East

13. redefinED: Catholic School Closure an SOS for Private Schools in Pandemic:

The closure of the K-8 school shocked St. Joseph parents, who immediately launched an effort to save the school. But it’s not a surprise to those watching private schools across America struggle as parents lose jobs, businesses close and charitable contributions evaporate.

14. Associated Press: Amid Pandemic, scores of US Catholic schools face closure

15. Edwin Meese III: Supreme Court Should Protect Faith-Based Agencies and Free Exercise

Now the government seeks to force religious Americans to choose between either their deeply held beliefs or the ministries by which they put those beliefs into action. As our report explained three decades ago, we need a constitutional safeguard to protect religious freedom, and that safeguard only becomes more important as the scope of government power expands. That safeguard is a guarantee that the government may not trample upon religious freedom except where peace or public safety is at stake.”

16. Emilie Kao: Houses of Worship Play an Essential Role in Hope and Healing

17. WSJ: The Results are In for Remote Learning: It Didn’t Work

18. C.C. Pecknold: A Procession Like No Other

19. New York Times: Covid-19 Patient Gets Double Lung Transplant, Offering Hope for Others:

The transplant was her only chance for survival, Dr. Bharat said. His team wanted other transplant centers to know that the operation could save some desperately ill Covid-19 patients. He said that other medical centers had been calling to find out about the operation and that some wanted to send Covid-19 patients to Northwestern for lung transplants.”


21. BBC News: JK Rowling trans row: School renames house over trans tweets

22. Rowling in her own words here.

23. The Best Father’s Day Gift? Really Getting to Know Your Dad

24. Virginia Allen: How COVID-19 Shows Church More Than a Building

25. In Celebration of Bookstores Reopening

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