Prayer, Racism & More — Fifteen Things That Caught My Eye Today: (June 10, 2020)



1. Father Roger J. Landry: Protesting on Both Knees

2. Sen. Marco Rubio: On the Unjust Death of George Floyd and Racism in America:

The foundations of our country are not irredeemably racist. Abolition, women’s suffrage, desegregation, the Civil Rights movement—these were not appeals to overthrow our values, these were demands that we fulfill them. And the Constitution that once considered slaves three-fifths of a human being was ultimately the vehicle used to free them and, eventually, to secure their most basic rights.

There is reason for hope. Even in a deeply divided country, where the political and cultural lines that divide us continue to harden, a clear consensus has emerged that we can no longer ignore matters of race in America. But it is a fragile consensus. It is already being tested by loud voices appealing to our most basic fears, and those who see this time as an opportunity to advance divisiveness and extreme ideas.”

3. Bishop Thomas J. Olmstead: Father, Forgive the Sin of Racism

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Racism is not overcome, however, by our own human determination. It is overcome by God, by His mercy. It is not our achievement. We have a key part to play, in cooperation with His grace, but only God can change minds and hearts. That’s why the Sacraments of Confession and the Eucharist play such vital roles in overcoming the sin of racism.


5. Gerard V. Bradley: Is there “systemic racism” among police and in the criminal justice system?:

Police credibility is wrongly undermined by charges of “endemic racism.” Where police credibility is undermined, the capacity of the system to enforce the law is compromised. Where the criminal justice system is compromised, those most in need of effective law enforcement are hurt the most.


6. Michael Pakaluk: Two Visits to the House of Slaves:

In the two addresses, two world-views are presented: in the one, the “good people” among us, empathy their only motive, must be in a constant state of mobilization, to compel everyone else to be the good persons they are; in the other, all of us are caught in a drama, as sin is within each of us, threatening to defeat us, for which we need God’s help.

7. Naomi Schaefer Riley: Are Social Workers the Answer?

8. This Mideast Quest Offers a Key to ‘Saving Christianity’ from Harsh Islamic Ideology and Genocide

9. Russell Moore: The Christian Tribe, Identity Politics, and Tribalism

10. What Hattie McDaniel Said About Her Oscar-Winning Career Playing Racial Stereotypes

11. New York Times: The New York Philharmonic Cancels Fall Season

12. Associated Press: Unemployed Filipina feeds other jobless migrants in Dubai

13. Foster-care kids write letters to senior citizens amid the COVID-19 pandemic

14. Revisiting Priorities Post-Quarantine

15. J.K. Rowling Releases Controversial New Book ‘Harry Potter And The Basic Biology Class’


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