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It’s been a tough year for keepers of the peace. First you had the “heavily–armed” 2nd Amendment supporters in Richmond, VA. The Associated Press warned it was going to be a “show of force.” That looming threat forced Virginia Gov. Ralph ‘Blackface’ Northam to declare a State of Emergency, ban weapons from the capitol grounds and mobilize the state police.

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Rick McKee, Counterpoint

It was touch–and–go. Cong. Don Beyer of Northern VA tweeted, “[Richmond] drew large numbers of white nationalists, militias and racist conspiracy theorists…Neo–Nazis tried to use the rally to launch violent attacks.”

Petula Dvorak, the Washington Post’s chubby chronicler of conventional wisdom, lamented, “Y’all, it smelled like fear out here in Virginia.”

After the rally, the increasingly unstable leftist stenographer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Will Bunch, screamed, “America — although we may be too frightened to even admit it — just witnessed arguably the most successful use of terrorism on U.S. soil in nearly a generation.”

The aroma of cordite had barely cleared the air before fanatical anti–WuFlu lockdown protestors took to the streets selfishly wanting to go back to work. Business owners, drunk on visions of Ayn Rand, threw open the doors to their establishments and actually tried to attract customers.

Some restaurants boldly began serving food!

Concerned relatives rushed home from the liquor stores and pot shops to shrink–wrap their grandmothers as those uncaring disease vectors took to the streets without masks or social distancing.

A few preemptive arrests, forcible business closings and punitive fines managed to extinguish that outbreak. Only to suddenly have pastors start to go rogue. Churches that willingly gave up Easter services got restive and threatened to start worshiping God again.

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Then came a miracle! Politicians who never darken the door of a church — unless it’s to troll for votes — suddenly became concerned about the welfare of Baptists. Rapid response saved the day. A few pastors spent the night in jail, state police photographed the license plates of worshipers daring to disobey Caesar and a local police entered sanctuaries to tell worshipers to go home.

All that safe–keeping comes at a steep price. One can only be on high alert for so long before exhaustion takes its toll and the system begins to break down.

Thank goodness, peaceful protesters objecting to George Floyd’s in–custody death finally showed up to give authorities a well–earned break. And the rest of us a lesson.

If your cause is blessed by the leftist establishment, the treatment is kid gloves. If your cause isn’t PC enough, God help you.

The over 20,000 gun–toting 2nd Amendment supporters in Richmond were met with unrelenting hostility on the part of the state and the city.

Police forced protesters into an enclosure ringed by fencing that looked like Gitmo for Guns. Activists that wanted to be part of the official proceedings were forced to go through a single metal detector. That caused a tremendous backup only matched by a second backup inside the fence where thoughtful police provided a single bathroom to serve thousands.

Protesters who didn’t disarm had to stay outside and wander the streets. At the conclusion of the Day of Disdain on the part of the authorities, the capitol grounds were left spotless and the streets of Richmond quiet.

Here’s where I’m confused. The peaceful Floyd protesters are met with open arms by city, state and the OpMedia. Protesters come and go as they please. Police chiefs can’t say enough about how inspiring the protesters are. And after all that love, I could swear I saw buildings burning and stores being looted.

Armed lockdown protesters in Michigan that legally entered the capitol building were described by the media as “storming the capitol.” While Floyd rally attendees who did storm a police station are ‘mostly peaceful.’

The people who want to open the stores that looters loot feel the full weight of the law when they step out of line. While the peaceful protesters lay waste to downtowns across the nation.

Here’s the real lesson for people who pay taxes. The moral cowards who compose our modern authorities specialize in arresting those they know won’t put up a fight. People like you.

If there is a chance for controversial coverage by yapping news poodles, the authorities won’t even try to enforce a curfew that would save local businesses. They claim to be “overwhelmed.”

As the gutless mayor of Minneapolis admitted to WCCO, he surrendered a police station to peaceful protesters because he wanted to “reduce our footprint in the Third Precinct. …de-escalate and prevent hand–to–hand combat.” Too bad enforcing the law is often hand–to–hand.

There’s only one more powerful symbol of the collapse of law and order and the utter cowardice of politicians than a burning police station. And that’s a burning policeman.

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