White House Correspondents’ Association Gives Annual Award to Hack Reporter Yamiche Alcindor After She Called Trump Supporters White Nationalists

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The White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA), the closed group of liberal media representatives, tweeted out this photo today.

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It’s a photo of Nancy Pelosi deriding President Trump during his State of the Union Address.

The WHCA gave Alcindor their annual Aldo Beckman Award for Overall Excellence in White House reporting.

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This organization does not even pretend to be neutral anymore.

Yamiche Alcindor is famous for jabbing President Trump with her unimaginative jabs during his press conferences.  Alcindor is neither creative or intelligent.  But she is very hateful which made her a shoo-in for the prize.

In November of 2018 Yamiche Alcindor accused Trump supporters of being white nationalists.

What a class act!

Keep spewing your hate, Yamiche!  You’re going places.



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