And Just Like That the Cure for COVID Was Unveiled

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For months the American people were told to shelter in place and wear masks and keep your children from school, all precautions to prevent the spread of the China coronavirus. 

Then suddenly, the masks were lifted and exchanged for the black masks of Antifa.

Healthy Americans were told to stay home and hibernate until the men and women with infinite wisdom, US politicians, said it was OK to come out.  This lasted literally for months as Americans dutifully followed orders in their traditional care for their fellow human beings.

There were no due dates, the information behind the China coronavirus was dubious at best, as doctors Fauci and Birx first said millions were going to die then finally backtracked when they were proven fools.  The medical profession was damaged for ages after these two doctors and more told us everything without saying anything.  The answers were so hard to come by they never even existed. 

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The President claimed hydroxychloroquine worked against the virus so professionals and the media claimed it didn’t.  The end result is two studies stating that the drug did not work are now known frauds.  The President was right again.

Red states began reopening, or never really stopped doing business, while blue states shut down, with New York forcing COVID patients into elderly homes knowing the elderly were most at risk from the coronavirus.  New York ended with thousands more deaths than any other state but, ‘at this point what difference does it make?’  It’s time to move on.

One writer claims the insane actions of late are based on emotion, not logic, which is certainly the case:

Their hatred for Donald Trump was so all-consuming they wanted to believe the discredited Lancet Study without actually reading it or asking basic questions like why would people in power be so against a potential cure?

The social distancing, lock downs and mask-wearing short circuited people’s sanity and put them into hyper-emotional states, making them susceptible to a much more insidious virus, that of the mind.

Those who fell for this continue to defend mask-wearing even though the virus has burned out, masks only make healthy people hypoxic, and the cure for COVID-19 is cheap and effective.

Why? Because they are invested in their position emotionally, not logically.

Another writer says a coverup for COVID was needed:

The COVID-19 operation was fraying badly:

Protests against the lockdowns were expanding.

The public-health measures (distancing, isolation, masks) were being attacked from all sides, as unnecessary, useless, overbearing, and unscientific.

Many mainstream researchers, doctors, and even public health officials were exposing the fact that the pandemic was no pandemic at all. The adjusted case and death numbers didn’t warrant excessive concern.

It was becoming obvious that the players setting the COVID agenda were there simply because they had been appointed to high posts; not because they were perceptive or honest scientists. In other words, COVID was political.

On top of all this, economies were beginning to re-open; for the public, that was the main focus, not the threat of catching a disease.

There was a great need for an operational shift. How and why didn’t particularly matter, as long as the populace was riveted by some new catastrophe.

This shift would also stall the economic engine (again). After all, stripping away the mountain of lies about COVID, the core at the center of it WAS an economic attack.

And now it’s been done. All across America. Riots, burning, looting, violence, race conflict, curfews.

A new reason for a different form of lockdown.

The daily protests in the streets overtake and replace the former protests against the COVID lockdown.

One operation covers another.

In a matter of three years we learned our Justice Department, FBI, most the other Intelligence departments and the medical community were all politicized and corrupted after eight years of the Obama Administration.  Some perhaps were corrupt before, but for sure all are corrupted now.

America will persevere.  President Trump is absolutely the man for the job at this time in history.  We really don’t know what possibly could be next.  But we do know this, whatever those who hate America throw at us, we will beat it – again.


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