“There Were Red Flags Early On in the Russia Investigation” and the Deep State Classified and Hid Them

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Former Acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell was on the Rubin Report and he dropped some shocking information related to the beginnings of the Russia collusion sham.

At the 25:00 minute mark, Richard Grenell shares the following:

Grenell: The current intelligence community, not the former intelligence community that the New York Times and the Washington Post constantly quote.  You’ll notice they always say a former intelligence official. That’s clearly a former person who was a political appointee.

Rubin: It’s also possible a source on Capital Hill who could be a janitor.  You just don’t know.

Grenell: Yep.  The current intelligence community was clamoring for reform, which I delivered.  It wasn’t, truly, it wasn’t, most of these ideas were not my idea.  I just said ‘yes’ to them because the system was saying we needed to reform.

And the current intelligence community believes there are a couple of bad apples that they got to get out there and that they were manipulated.  And I will say this – there were red flags early on in the Russia investigation from a variety of agencies and some people made those red flags and those comments from people coming forward, saying ‘this Russian stuff is not true’, they classified that information and pushed it away.

I’ve seen that information and I’ve called for it to be declassified. It’s a process that’s ongoing, it takes time.  I wasn’t there long enough to do it.  But there are instances where red flags were raised very early on in certain agencies and I’ve requested that information to come out and I hope that it will.”

See video below:

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The American people deserve and demand transparency.  The Deep State doesn’t like the American people.  Thank God for people like Richard Grenell in our government.


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