COVID-19 Patients Died Because of Bogus Lancet Study that Disparaged Hydroxycholorquine (VIDEO)

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Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Stephen Smith joined Laura Ingraham Friday night on The Ingraham Angle.

Dr. Smith has been treating coronavirus patients at the Smith Center for Infectious Diseases and Urban Health in East Orange, New Jersey.

Dr. Smith revealed in April that in his treatment of coronavirus victims he has not seen a single patient under the age of 70 who was not diabetic, pre-diabetic or obese.

Dr. Stephen Smith then pointed out that not a single coronavirus patient under his care who was on the hydroxychloroquine regimen needed to be intubated.

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This is outstanding news.

But then two weeks ago The Lancet published a “study” that found hydroxychloroquine was not effective and actually harmful to coronavirus patients.

But this week The Lancet apologized for putting up the study after it was revealed to be a complete fraud.

We wrote about this extensively earlier today.

On Friday night Dr. Stephen Smith told Laura Ingraham that because of this bogus study reported in The Lancet people died.

Dr. Stephen Smith: “I agree. I think people have died over this and I don’t say that lightly at all.”

Via The Ingraham Angle:


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