George Floyd Protests: Astonishing Hypocrisy on Social Distancing



This isn’t anywhere close to the most important thing that been going on over the last week, but the hypocrisy on social distancing has been extraordinary. Just about a month ago, when protestors surrounded the Michigan state capitol from the safety of their cars, with about 75 or so people scattered outside on the capitol grounds, all we heard is that they weren’t social distancing, that it was extremely reckless, that Michigan would pay the price in a new outbreak of infections.

Now that we have enormous crowds gathering in cities all over the country to protest the death of George Floyd, the talk of the importance of social distancing has almost completely disappeared in the media, and Democratic officeholders don’t talk about it anymore, either.

Just another example of how the rules they establish are usually in service of their political and ideological agenda, and as soon as the rules are no longer useful, they are changed or dropped.

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