Comey Takes Veiled Swipe at Trump Over Riots, Does Not Condemn Violent Protesters

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Fired FBI Director James Comey commented on Twitter for the first time in three weeks, taking a veiled swipe at President Trump in a comment on the George Floyd protests and riots. Comey urged Americans to vote in November for leaders who “know we only make progress together.” The nation’s former top lawman and federal prosecutor did not condemn the violent protesters waging war on police and looting and burning cities across the country.

“Please vote in five months. It won’t erase our problems or remove our pain, but we deserve leaders who understand America and know we only make progress together.”

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The phrase “progress together” wouldn’t have been controversial a decade ago, but with the radical left now cloaking their anti-Americanism in the word “progressive” to describe their movement, it is worth remembering that Comey once described himself as a communist when he was in his twenties searching for a political belief.

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Via the New Yorker:

“In October, 2003, Comey was asked, at his confirmation hearing to become the Deputy Attorney General, how he might handle a politically charged case implicating an Attorney General who refused to recuse himself. “I don’t care about politics,” he insisted. “I care about doing the right thing.” In a profile published that December in New York, Comey further smudged the lines of his political identity. He said that in his twenties he had been both a Communist and a Reaganite. “I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically,” he went on. “Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out.”


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