Antifa Thugs Brutally Beat Woman Trying to Stop Looting in Rochester, New York

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Video taken Saturday in Rochester, New York shows a group of Antifa thugs brutally beating a woman who was trying to get them to stop breaking in and looting a store. The woman’s husband is seen at the end of the video coming out of the building and confronting the attackers with a golf club, yelling, “get away from my wife!”

Screen image from video by Joe Painter shows Antifa thug sucker punching woman trying to stop looting of jewelry store, May 30.

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WHAM-TV posted the video and reported on the attack:


TRENDING: Horror! Dallas Business Owner Tries to Defend Shop with a Sword — Looters and Leftists Stone Him, Kick Him, Beat Him with Skateboard – Brutal Video

…In the video, a woman pleads with the people smashing the exterior of Rochester Fire Equipment Company on Marshall Street to stop. The woman yelled at the group of people, who were apparently trying to loot the jewelry store next door.

Several of the people then turn on the woman and begin attacking her, hitting and kicking her, and then used boards to hit her.

The woman’s husband runs in toward the end of the recording and tries to break up the attack while swinging a golf club. He was then attacked himself.

The woman is reportedly recovering on Sunday morning.

The woman and her husband are tenants who live above Rochester Fire Equipment…

End excerpt. Please read the complete WHAM report at this link.

The video went viral on Twitter:



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