Dozens Of Stores Looted, Cop Cars Set On Fire (VIDEO)

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Rioters in Seattle set several police cruisers on fire and looted dozens of stores during the George Floyd protests. Glass was shattered along dozens of stores downtown, as looters ransacked all sorts of clothing stores. Nike, however, hired security to guard their store, so that one was spared.

KOMO News’s Jonathan Choe was reporting live from the street, calling the scene “absolutely disgusting” up surveying the carnage of shattered windows of stores such as Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters, Madewell, and others, when one of the rioters start harassing him and his photog, vandalizing the camera in the process. All the while some other dude is standing there drinking a Corona right out on the sidewalk. People started breaking into jewelry stores while cars burned right next to them. “NO POLICE IN SIGHT RIGHT NOW” shouted a concerned Choe.

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Protests Intensify in Downtown Seattle

Several things happening in this clip: •SWAT entering downtown Seattle•Looting at various retailers •Our reporter Jonathan Choe and photographer J.D.’s camera getting attacked by protester•Yet another fire breaking out downtown Continuing LIVE updates:

Posted by KOMO News on Saturday, May 30, 2020


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