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Interested in learning more about the founding principles of conservatism? The deadline to register for National Review Institute’s virtual Burke to Buckley summer program is this Friday, May 22nd!

The summer course will give all individuals around the nation the opportunity to participate in deep discussions about conservative ideas and is based on the Burke to Buckley program that operates in six cities: Chicago, Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

For this online version, we suggest a tax-deductible donation of $250, which will count towards your membership and grant you access to our other “Virus-Free Programs.” Participant fees will go towards honorariums for our discussion leaders and will raise important funds for National Review Institute, a non-profit.

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Learn from some of the most distinguished conservative thinkers of our time during the summer Burke to Buckley course.

Session 1 — May 27, 2020
William F. Buckley Jr. and American Conservatism with Lee Edwards, Ph.D, Distinguished Fellow in Conservative Thought at The Heritage Foundation

Session 2 — June 3, 2020

Burke, Prudence, and the Spirit of Conservatism with Brian C. Anderson, Ph.D, Editor, City Journal at the Manhattan Institute

Session 3 — June 10, 2020

The Founders’ Constitution with John Yoo, JD, Emanuel S. Heller Professor of Law at the University of California at Berkeley; Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute; Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution. 

Session 4 — June 17, 2020

Economic Freedom and Political Freedom with Bobbi Herzberg, Ph.D, Distinguished Senior Fellow, F. A. Hayek Program in Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center

Session 5 — June 24, 2020

Conservatism, Democracy, and Foreign Policy with John Hillen, Ph.D, CEO at EverWatch

Session 6 — July 1, 2020

Mediating Structures between the State and the Individual with Daniel J. Mahoney, PhD, Professor of Political Science and Augustinian Boulanger Chair at Assumption College

Additional information and registration can be found on NRI’s website. Join us!


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