How Can Susan Rice Know What Obama and Comey Said if Sally Yates Says She Was Not Present?

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According to Sally Yates, OBAMA DISMISSED THE GROUP (i.e., Susan Rice, Jim Clapper, John Brennan and “others” from the National Security Council) and asked Yates and FBI Director Jim Comey to “stay behind.” It was Obama who brought up Michael Flynn’s conversation with the Russian Ambassador and specifically identified “SANCTIONS” as the substance of that conversation.

Obama then said, according to Yates, that he did not want any additional information on the matter, but was seeking information on whether the Obama White House should be treating Flynn differently going forward.

Now we have the Susan Rice account of this meeting and it differs markedly from Yates. How could Susan Rice know what was said in the January meeting? She wrote this email 15 days after the meeting the email is supposed to record.

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Here is the header from the email.

Rice says she was in the meeting in her email but this conflicts with testimony from Sally Yates.

Let me point you to the salient points. According to the first paragraph, Susan Rice and Sleepy Joe Biden were present for the “follow on” conversation Barack Obama had with Sally Yates and Jim Comey. Sally Yates said nothing about Joe Biden and she was very clear that everyone but her and Comey left the office.

Rice then wants us to know that Obama kicked off the conversation by insisting that he was not “asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective”.

Obama’s next move, according to Rice’s fabricated account, directs the staff to “ascertain” if there is any reason the Obama team cannot fully share intelligence relative to  Russia.

Rice then hangs the saddle on Jim Comey’s back. Comey affirms he’s doing everything by the book (except we now know he overruled the FBI agent recommending closing the case on Michael Flynn). It was Comey, according to Rice, not Obama who raised the specter of Michael Flynn chatting up the Russians. Comey could not point to any specific violation of classified information by Flynn, but commented that the level of communication is “unusual.”


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