Trump Administration Warns Iranian Regime on Gas Shipments to Maduro Regime

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According The Commander, U.S. Southern Command Admiral Craig Faller, Iran is interested in assisting Venezuela because it wants to gain territory in Latin America.

As a result, the United States government is investigating with its allies Iranian support by Iranian President Hasan Rohaní for suspected terrorist groups in the Middle East and working with the Maduro regime in Venezuela.

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The Iranian regime recently sent 16 flight with spare parts to restart an Venezuelan oil refinery. It was also reported that the government of Iran arranged five oil tankers to transport gasoline to Venezuela.  Socialist Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and now needs gas shipments from Iran to operate.

El reported that Admiral Faller says Washington is aware that oil tankers are on the way. Rohaní is sending these shipments as a life preserver for Maduro amid the lack of gasoline in the oil rich country.

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The Iranian Foreign Ministry recently warned the United States to avoid blocking the entry of ships to Venezuela.

This was after the Trump administration warned that it was looking at its options.

The moment of confrontation is fast approaching.  Venezuelan political scientist A. Coronil Hartmann explained:

“Trump must be very clear about the outlook on whether or not to allow Iran’s ships to enter Venezuela. If you let them pass, the West loses. If he prevents them from arriving, he will have taken a step of no return that will force him to make other decisions to end Maduro.”


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