Attorney for Mueller Star Witness, Matt Tait, Was Former Colleague of Mueller Gang Leader Andrew Weissmann

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(Matt Tait and Andrew Weissmann)

The attorney for a star witness of the Mueller sham just happens to be a colleague of former Mueller gang leader Andrew Weissmann.  Who would have thought?

A week ago, the transcripts from House hearings a couple years ago, involving the fraudulent Trump – Russia collusion sham, were finally released.  One individual who spoke before the House Committee was Matt Tait.

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Tait wrote a post at the notoriously far left entity Lawfare on June 30, 2017.  This was at the same time the media was all over the Trump – Russia fraudulent sham and so Tait’s post received some notice from the MSM.  Tait wrote: “The Time I Got Recruited to Collude with the Russians“.  In his piece Tait shared the following:

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… right around the time the DNC emails were dumped by Wikileaks—and curiously, around the same time Trump called for the Russians to get Hillary Clinton’s missing emails—I was contacted out the blue by a man named Peter Smith, who had seen my work going through these emails. Smith implied that he was a well-connected Republican political operative.

Initially, I assumed the query must have been about my work on the DNC hack; after all, few people followed my account prior to the DNC breach, whereas my analysis of the break-in at the DNC had received considerably more coverage. I assumed his query about the “Clinton emails” was therefore a mistake and that he meant instead to talk to me about the emails stolen from the DNC. So I agreed to talk to him, thinking that, whatever my views on then-candidate Trump, if a national campaign wanted an independent non-partisan view on the facts surrounding the case, I should provide it to the best of my ability.

Yet Smith had not contacted me about the DNC hack, but rather about his conviction that Clinton’s private email server had been hacked—in his view almost certainly both by the Russian government and likely by multiple other hackers too—and his desire to ensure that the fruits of those hacks were exposed prior to the election. Over the course of a long phone call, he mentioned that he had been contacted by someone on the “Dark Web” who claimed to have a copy of emails from Secretary Clinton’s private server, and this was why he had contacted me; he wanted me to help validate whether or not the emails were genuine.

Peter Smith died in May 2017 in an apparent suicide.

Tait, the former GCHQ staffer, spoke with the Mueller gang and he also testified in front of Congress.  The attorney at Tait’s side happened to be David M. Bitkower.

Mr. Bitkower worked alongside Mueller gang leader Andrew Weissmann in New York:

It’s really no surprise that Bitkower worked with Weissmann.  The entire story that Tait shared at Lawfare was full of holes. Tait was also the source for a Wall Street Journal report the day before Tait’s post at Lawfare.  In the WSJ report, Tait and Shane Harris from the Wall Street Journal tried to tie Peter Smith with General Michael Flynn.  The entire story was based on a man who had died by suicide a month prior.

However, under oath, with Weissman’s colleague at his side, Tait shared an entire different story:

Tait has zero evidence for this phony story:

The more you dig into the Mueller gang and its many crimes, the more sick you get and shocked that Obama could corrupt the US DOJ and FBI as badly as he did.

Rest in peace Peter Smith.


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